[SOLVED] AMD Motherboard help


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Sep 30, 2023
Hi, in my old thread I got help and realized I need a different motherboard, and I'm making a new thread as I was going off-topic there.

I need help with choosing a motherboard for use with proxmox basically, my CPU is a Ryzen 5 3600, got an m-ATX case, but I'll be returning it as well and going for a SilverStone ATX case.
Currently, I'm eyeing a Gigabyte board, there seems to be groupings about it here, but I just want to make sure and ask more knowledgeable people before I commit to a purchase again...
The goal of this system is to re-use my hardware from my gaming pc which has gone through upgrades and serve as my home NAS, run a media server, networking, and Linux vm's. And for the most part, it's mainly for learning until I move and upgrade to proper server components. (also more drives soon™...)

Budget is like $200-300 tops, and I'm located in Sweden.
Many thanks in advance!
If you want good IOMMU groups for all slots and on-board devices, you need a motherboard with an X570 (or X570S) chipset. You won't get extra PCIe lanes from the CPU but you do get much more flexibility. I don't think the brand matters.
If you also want an easy way to choose the boot GPU, I think you need a Gigabyte. The X570S AERO G also has good groups and can handle three GPUs (if your case has an extra PCI slot opening) and you can select which one to boot the system with.
Gigabyte X570 AORUS ELITE good choice? Trying to buy parts for a system
X570 is a good choice in general for AM4. X570S is identical but without the small fan, which I prefer. I cannot comment on AORUS ELITE specifically. Note that the two x16 PCIe slots are x16 and x4. Other motherboards support two x8 (and one x4), which might be more flexible for some passthrough scenario's.
Gigabyte X570 AORUS ELITE good choice? Trying to buy parts for a system
Almost forgot I made this thread... I ended up swapping my Aorus x570 Elite rev.1 i had on my gaming rig with the b550 I bought, and it's working great!
Groupings are nice and separate and lots of nice I/O. The fan has never made any noticeable sound, even when it was running my gaming pc, overall, I'd recommend it.


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