Added third node - node 2 stopped working

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    Oct 10, 2016
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    I had before two nodes running with
    two_node: 1
    wait_for_all: 0

    and it worked fine. I now want to add a third node. The third node is running and I can access it with the webgui, but the second node isn't accessible, it is shown as offline. I removed the "two_node: 1" line, but nothing. I can see it in the webgui and I can see the graphs, but the names of the VMs aren't shown. The corosync.conf on the second node wasn't updating anymore and I was not able to modify it by hand "permission denied".
    Then I removed the node 2 from the cluster but it is still shown in the webgui, but not in the cluster-manager in the webgui. Then I removed node 2 from the node itself from the cluster aaaaaand: it is still shown in the webgui of the cluster and in the webgui of the second node the first node is shown as well. But the corosync.conf doesn't exist on this node anymore??

    Now I would like to readd the node to the cluster but I get the error
    "detected the following error(s):
    * this host already contains virtual guests
    TASK ERROR: Check if node may join a cluster failed!"

    What the heck?? Yes it contains guests and it was part of this damn cluster before!

    What can I do to use the node 2 again within the cluster manager? WITHOUT reinstalling.

    If it is not possible, how can I remove this node from the webgui of the first node? it is still shown there and I can access the graphs and even log me in with the shell.
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    in this status, you can fix the corosync.conf manually.
    Or you use pveadd with the force flag.
    The force flag will overwrite your /etc/pve/ so be sure that you make a backup of the local Guest configs.
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