[TUTORIAL] Add a PCI Network Interface to a VM


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Sep 4, 2020
Setup IOMMU on the host mashine

First follow this guide https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Pci_passthrough to enable IOMMU on the host.
If have trouble setting it up make shure to enable IOMMU in your Bios.

Create a Network Bridge for the PCI Card

You need to create a Network Bridge for the NIC so it can work.

1.Click on the Host in the Proxmox Webinterface


2. First click on System and then click on Network

2.1 If the IOMMU migration was succsesfull you should see at least to Network devicese
You should see multiply devices when IOMMU is enabled.png
3. Navigate to the top corner
First click on Create
Secon click on Linux Bridge

4. In the Setup window you shoul add atleast the
-Name it need to be vmbr and a number
-Add a IP Adress and a Subnetmask
-In Bridge ports add the name of the Network Card
Create Bridge.png

5.After that you can add the Hardware in youre VM
2020-09-04 22_28_49-pve - Proxmox Virtual Environment – Opera.png

On the pop up window you should see the new NICs
2020-09-04 22_29_45-pve - Proxmox Virtual Environment – Opera.png

If you have any questions dont hestitate to ask
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Thanks for the tutorial contribution!

Small correction though: While this is definitely showing how to assign a network device for direct use in a VM, it has nothing to do with PCI passthrough - so no IOMMU needed, this always works if you have multiple network adapters.

This does mean that traffic will still pass through the host kernel, for better or worse: It means monitoring or even the PVE firewall will still work, but does not enable hardware features of the NIC for the VM and may limit performance.

For PCI passthrough, instead of creating a network bridge on the host (in fact, deliberately do *not* create that), and instead just add the PCI NIC to the VM as a "PCI Device" in the GUI.
Thank you for the simple but needed tutorial!

Sometimes even a seasoned computer user needs a little help to get started.


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