zfs replication

  1. T

    ZFS VM replication

    Hello, Is it possible to keep X number replicas when I am replicating a VM from node 1 to node 2? The setup/scheduler lets me pick frequency but doesn't let me pick number of replicas to keep. For example, I'd like to accomplish the following: Replicate VM100 from NodeA to NodeB every hour...
  2. N

    ZFS Disk Replication - "command 'zfs snapshot (...)' failed: got timeout" NUR am Wochenende

    Guten Morgen, ich stehe schon länger vor dem kuriosem Problem, dass meine ZFS Disk Replikationen am Wochenende vermehrt fehlschlagen. Ich bekomme jedes Wochenende etwa ~200 Mails von zwei Nodes in einem Cluster rein, mit folgender Fehlermeldung: Node 1: Replication job 105-0 with target...
  3. O

    Different block size between nodes

    Hi Everyone, I have an unusual problem with the ZFS virtual machine block size (zvol). Proxmox version 7.3 I have a configured proxmox cluster consisting of two servers plus a qdevice device. I set up a datastore (ZFS) from the webgui of proxmox called SSD_ZPOOl_1 and set its block size to...
  4. xsigndll

    ZFS Replication, WebInterface migration?

    I've got ZFS replication enabled for a VM (ID:100 replicates from host01 to host02). That works fine. It syncs the disc every 15minutes. If I shutdown host01, I can migrate the VM easily by moving the conf-file from /etc/pve/nodes/host01/100.conf to /etc/pve/nodes/host02/100.conf. Is there a...
  5. T

    Specify storage for guest replication

    Hi PVE Team, I was reading the admin guide and revisited local guest replication with two hosts having local-zfs and a question came up. How would you specify a secondary storage. For example, if my node has local-zfs and another JBOD eSAS enclosure running attached-zfs or similar, how would...
  6. T

    Mit PBS externe Speicher sichern

    Hallo zusammen. Da ich auf der Suche nach eine zentralierte Lösung für meine Backups bin, muss ich hier fragen, ob es mit PBS möglich wäre externe Speicher zu sichern? Was meine ich damit? Mit PBS kann man ja leicht die VMs und die Containers aus PVE sichern, aber eine VM bei mir läuft auf...
  7. N

    Regular ZED messages in syslog?

    Hi There, I'm running latest pve and using ZFS replication between local-zfs on 2 nodes. Every time the replication runs it seems to output the following type of messages in syslog without any clear meaning what they are referring to or whether they are just unnecessary noise? Feb 28 07:29:01...
  8. C

    Manually fixing ZFS replication?

    Often, especially when migrating VMs back and forth (A -> B and then back to B -> A) during maintenance, my ZFS replication gets in a state where it fails with errors like: "volume 'ssdtank/vmdata/vm-117-disk-0' already exists" or claims target and source don't have a common ancestor version...
  9. rholighaus

    ZFS - consistent replication of VMs with database applications

    I want to migrate existing Windows Server 2012R2 VMs from Hyper-V to Proxmox. The VMs in question are either based on Oracle or MS SQL databases running within the VM. Currently, they are backed up via a commercial backup solution that backs up the VM disks on the Hyper-V host. As those VMs are...
  10. H

    ZFS Replication + HA Failover

    I have testing cluster with 3 nodes of PVE 5.0, i've managed to setup ZFS replication and HA. 1.) HA Failover was not working unless i created HA group and put my CT in it (originaly i was thinking that any running node will be used when no group is assigned to resource) 2.) When i manualy...


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