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    Issues bridging Wireless Network Adapter

    Hey all, I am having an issue getting connectivity to my VMs. I have a USB wireless adapter for Wi-Fi connectivity to my internet. When I try to make a Linux bridge from Wi-FI adapter <--> vmbr0 to have a VM bridge, it changes my default gateway / routes and I can no longer access my server from...
  2. W

    WiFi configuration in Proxmox VE 8.1

    Hello, I want to configure WiFi in Proxmox VE 8.1. I already tried to solve the problem using this forum post: https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/help-needed-pve-with-wifi-stick-installation.128609/. Unfortunately, the solutions found did not solve my problem. I have WiFi via USB. I don't know...
  3. L

    Proxmox on a Laptop with Gnome + Power Management + Suspend + Bluetooth + Wifi

    I want to use my Laptop (Dell XPS 9520) with Proxmox as the base/host OS with Gnome desktop and functional basic laptop features, like Suspend, Power Management, Wireless and Bluetooth, I have tried the following options: 1.- Installed Proxmox then Gnome desktop: - I couldn't get Wifi and...
  4. C

    Request for tutorial of passing through wifi pci device

    I'm composing something on my blog. Was wondering if there's anything I can crib notes from. I'll do lspci and put in the bits about blocking the kernel module from loading using /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf ; anything else we should include?
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    WiFi problem with proxmox (7.2-7) - Qualcomm Atheros QCA6174

    Hi, I'm having a problem with Qualcomm Atheros QCA6174 802.11ac (M.2 2230) wireless NIC. I installed proxmox on a protectli device and it works fine except for this wifi card. The adapter doesn't show up in /etc/network/interfaces. I see this adapter only when I run the "lspci" command. What...
  6. N


    I'm running Proxmox 7.0-2 on an AMD Ryzen 9 machine. How can I download or find the PVE headers. This is needed to install a wireless card on the server. [Error! Your kernal headers for kernal 5.11.22-4-pve cannot be found. Please install the linux-headers-5.11.22-4 pve package or use the...
  7. S

    No routing from pfSence to proxmox.

    Hi Experts, My current lab setup as follows: Home router with internet access. A laptop with Ethernet and Wireless Card. Proxmox as hypervisor pfSence for firewall and VLANs. My 5G router don't have any ethernet port. So i enabled wireless lan interface in proxmox. My configuration as below...
  8. A

    [SOLVED] [WORKAROUND FOUND] Routing issues probably self-inflicted. Amateur needs help. Only for patient users.

    Hello everyone. Ugh... I'm afraid to even ask the question... Just to be fair - I am an amateur - I don't even know what I don't know... Ok so I am setting up proxmox but its "complicated". - Normally proxmox runs with LAN device as a main network (internet) interface - in my case its...
  9. N

    How to configure a vm for internet access?

    Hello. I'm trying to get my vm (puppy linux) connected to the internet. I'm currently using my wireless network card on my laptop (host), however I've realised that I cant bridge it to the VLAN (I believe it has something to do with multiple MAC addresses using the device). So I've tried routing...
  10. I

    VM Connection via WiFi

    Hi, I wanted to turn my computer into a ProxMox machine with multiple VMs. The problem is that I don't have a wired connection, only WiFi, so I've got an USB Adapter (TP-Lin WN822N v5) and the drivers from a github repo. By using this driver, I managed to connect to the network, by using...
  11. P

    Trouble connecting to WiFi with Intel 9560 interface

    Howdy all. I've recently built a new server and would love to set up Proxmox on it. However, I seem to be running into the classic Linux problem that my hardware is too new for the system to work properly. I'm having a really hard time getting wireless to work. My motherboard is a Micro ATX Z390...
  12. V

    Correct way to configure wireless networks?

    I've got a wireless interface in my host box (wlp7s0) that I use as a backup ISP when/if my regular ISP goes down. I'm having some trouble getting the interface configured such that it will come up at boot and connect to the SSID when it's available. I'm able to do it manually via the first few...
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    Intel AC-9260 Wireless is not Recgonized

    Hi, All the experienced PVE users: I am trying to use my Intel AC 9260 wireless card to pass through to my Openwrt VM to make a wireless router, but the latest PVE 5.3-6 doesn't recognize the card, and I did some research, many people were saying the card is supported after kernel 4.14, but...
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    [SOLVED] WLAN doesn't stay in bridge

    I'm running proxmox on a PC that has a wireless interface (wlp2s0) and I've bridged it into vmbr50. I'm running hostapd in order to turn the wireless interface into an AP. I have everything working. When I run "brctl show" it lists wpl2s0 in bridge vmbr50. When I reboot its no longer in...
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    intel wireless ac 9260 is not working my proxmox version is 5.2-1

    the ubuntu 18.0.4 is working good
  16. F

    Proxmox + pfSense: pass wireless card to create AP

    Hi everyone, I've installed Proxmox 5.1 under Qotom-Q330G4 i3 8GB RAM 64GB SSD and inside I've created a VM hosting pfSense 2.4.3. Qotom hardware has 4 Gigabit ethernet cards (enp1s0, enp2s0, enp3s0 and enp5s0) all of them being slave members of Linux bridges (vmbr0, vmbr3, vmbr1 and vmbr2...
  17. M

    NUC: Drivers for Intel AC-9462 wireless

    Hello, all. I've done a fresh install of Proxmox 5.1 on a new NUC 7CJYH and don't see the AC-9462 wireless in lspci at all. Any ideas whan I need to do to enable that device. I handles both Wifi and Bluetooth, and I'd like to at a minimum get Wifi working. Thanks.


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