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    PVE 8 breaks nested Virtualization?

    Hello, I reed the forum in this post "Proxmox 8 Breaks Nested Virtualization", but didn`t see any conclusion/solution so far. Is there a fix yet? I upgraded a few days ago to PVE8.2.2 with the last recent kernel "6.8.4-2-pve" but still no luck. I wanted to allow a user to use docker but docker...
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    [SOLVED] PCI Passthrough SATA Controller VFIO-PCI

    Hey Ho zusammen, ich habe ein Problem was ich einfach nicht gelöst bekomme. Das Problem: ich versuche einen Sata Controller (ASM1166) an eine VM durchzureichen. Erstmal ist es nur eine Basis Windows Server 2019 Datacenter Eval. Wenn ich die VM ohne die PCI Karte starte geht alles super. Füge...
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    windows 2019 standard rdp server is very slow

    Dear Everybody ! The Windows 2019 server responds very slowly to user requests, and the application windows turn white. It appears on the Proxmox interface that the CPU load jumps to 100%.
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    Migrate Windows vm from Vmware to Proxmox

    Hi, I tried to export a Windows 2019 server vm, but it breaks, don't finishes. I tried to migrate it with Rescuezilla, but when I started it on Proxmox, I got BSOD. I think the problem is that the disk controller is different. On the source hypervisor I use LSI Logic SAS controller. I tried...
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    Server 2019 VM keeps crashing (explorer.exe or reboot)

    I just setup a new proxmox configuration and I am having issues with Windows Server 2019 stability randomly. Proxmox 7.3-4 and Windows Server 2019 Standard version 1809 with virtio 0.1.229. I gave the system 4 cores on a 7950x with 16 gigs of ram and 300 gigs on nvme. When I first set it up...
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    Win19 VM: IO errors, but PVE zfs and smart clean.

    Dear Proxmox Users, I have a problem with a Windows Server 2019 VM on PVE 5.4.143-1. I looking for the reasons of this event, and a solution to avoid it in the future. Maybe You can help to figure it out. At morning we noticed, the Win server is slow, and the mssql not run. I try to restart...
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    [SOLVED] Win2019 VMs losing network connectivity

    Hello, i am currently trying to troubleshoot a problem with some of my windows server 2019 vms. They repeatedly lose network connectivity, regardless of the vm settings used. Rebooting the vm seems to solve the problem for a while until it reappears again. I already tried switching between...
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    windows 2019, virtio configuration

    Hi. I have few vm's with Windows 2019 std. Everytime i add some hardware like cdrom (on proxmox hardware), shutdown vm and start it again - Red hat virtio network driver is down (screenshot). I need to uninstall it (on windows side), add it again and do all network manual configuration for this...
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    Windows Server 2019 Error page FAULT in nonpaged area

    Hi, i recently update to proxmox 7.1 and now my virtual machines in windows server 2019 do not start, any idea how to solve this?
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    [SOLVED] PCI Passthrough Intel X540 T2 error

    Hi! I need help! I try enabled Intel X540 T2 in VM, but i see error in ProxMox, when i started VM. VM not booting. ProxMox freez. Server: Asrack E3C224 | E3-1286 v3 | ProxMox 6.4-13 | Bios (VT-d enabled, IVT enabled) VM: Windows Server 2019 If I remove PCI Device, VM load successfully, but...
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    4 PM9A1 NVME SSD Passthrough to Windows VM

    Hi This week i had some spare time and installed windows Server 2019 on my Proxmox Server (AMD EPYC 7232P, Supermicro H12SSL-CT, 128gb DDR4 ECC RDIMM) Kernel Version Linux 5.4.106-1-pve #1 SMP PVE 5.4.106-1. I intend to use it as a NVME storage server. I installed an Asus Hyper m.2x16 gen 4...
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    Recover VM from erased drives

    Hi, this is just a dive into the deep but we are looking for a way to recover the data that was on a KVM VM that was on erased drives with HP Drive Reset and running another OS on that node. We are currently running CentOS 7 on that node that was used for Proxmox. I do remember the ID of the VM...


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