1. Y

    Can't boot restored KVM VM

    Hello, i can't boot a Centos KVM VM form a vzdump backup done on a pve 3.4-6 to last version: No error on vzdump log: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- less vzdump-qemu-103-2017_02_02-06_20_08.log Feb 02 06:20:08 INFO: Starting Backup of VM 103...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] Create backup fail with error: Cannot open: Permission de

    Summary: pve-manager/4.4-5/c43015a5 (running kernel: 4.4.35-2-pve) The node have attached storage by NFS (it will use for vzdump backups) with mount point /mnt/pve/backup-1 When pve try to create backup it fail with error: INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 111 --compress lzo --node lpr8...
  3. H

    space missing for vzdump with pigz?

    Hi there, (where do I do "code blocks" with this forum software's rich text editor?) I did a manual start of vzdump for VMs (Somehow the vzdump cron didn't fire O_o) using this command line: root@proxtracs01:/etc/cron.d# vzdump -all 1 --mailnotification always --mode snapshot --mailto...
  4. E

    KVM crash during vzdump of virtio-scsi using CEPH

    When this problem happens the KVM process dies. Never had this problem untilI changed from virtio to virtio-scsi-single, also happened with virtio-scsi vm.conf: args: -D /var/log/pve/105.log boot: cd bootdisk: ide0 cores: 4 ide0: ceph_rbd:vm-105-disk-1,cache=writeback,size=512M ide2...
  5. G

    Ceph (or CephFS) for vzdump backup storage?

    We have a small Ceph Hammer cluster (only a few monitors and less then 10 OSDs), still it proves very useful for low IO guest storage. Our Ceph cluster runs on our Proxmox nodes, but has it's own, separate gigabit LAN, and performance is adequate for our needs. We would like to use it as backup...
  6. Y

    Uncompressed Backup Problem

    I've got a problem with backuping a VM to remote NAS whitch is mounted with samba to /mnt/z1 This is the log: INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 101 --compress 0 --node far --mode snapshot --remove 0 --storage z1 INFO: Starting Backup of VM 101 (qemu) INFO: status = running INFO: update VM...
  7. N

    slow proxmox backup

    We have a Proxmox node with 32 GB RAM and a Xeon Quad Core processor w/HT. We have created a single Windows 2012 R2 VM with 30 GB RAM and 8 cores assigned. The storage is SATA and so is the backup drive. There is no issue with the performance of the VM except when the backup is taken using...
  8. N

    [SOLVED] 2nd node backup in 4.3 cluster are not executed

    Hello, i've 2 proxmox 4.3-9 cluster setups with 2 servers each. Everything is working as expected. Only the via web gui configured backups on the 2nd node are not executed on each cluster. I could not pinpoint the problem yet. The /etc/pve/vzdump.cron files look similar. Here is one example: #...
  9. B

    [SOLVED] Email notifications still coming to old address

    Hi, I've changed the address I used for email notifications via Web GUI. I've also changed the backup time from 7am to 7pm., and all the changes are reflected in /etc/cron.d/vzdump However, Proxmox is still backing up at 7am and the emails are still coming to the old address. This happened on...
  10. V

    VZDump slow on ceph images, RBD export fast

    Hello, I have a 3 node cluster running ceph. I have a ceph monitor and 6 OSDs on each node. Each OSD journal is mapped to an NVMe partition on a separate disk. Each node has a dedicated 10G nic for ceph public network and a dedicated nic for ceph cluster network. On the same LAN as the ceph...
  11. G

    SUGGESTION: Store VM NAME in vzdump backup filename

    I have an idea for an enhancement of vzdump: when creating a backup job, it would be great to have an option to store the guest's NAME in the backup filename (in addition to the VM ID). So with the option disabled the filenames would look unchanged: vzdump-qemu-240-2016_09_02-01_27_32.log...
  12. C

    VZdump issue after replacing drive in raid

    Hello, I have ran into an issue recently that I haven't been able so find a solution on (Google seems to turn up no results). My node has 4 VM's (2 Windows, 2 Linux) that are on an LVM storage made up of a raid 10 array. One of my drives had failed and I replaced it, rebuilding went fine and...
  13. R

    vzdump sparse files issue

    vzdump doesn't correctly handle sparse files. I have 459G sparse file, that happens because I've implemented SSO based on FreeIPA, and users usually have high user id, and lastlog creates sparse file which gets as big as 459G. ipadmin@proxy:/var/log$ ls -slh lastlog 16K -rw-r--r-- 1 root root...
  14. R

    vzdump sparse files

    Hi, wir haben zwei Server: Quellserver: Proxmox 4.1 Zielserver: Proxmox 4.2 Wir wollten die VMs vom Quellserver auf den Zielserver übernehmen, den Quellserver updaten und anschließend zu einem Cluster hinzufügen. Bei den wiederhergestellten Daten (LXC VMs) auf dem Zielserver wurden aber...
  15. G

    PVE Host seems to go "offline" periodically while moving a virtual disk

    Hello, I first noticed this when using VZDump to backup a VM sitting on a ZFS filesystem to an NFS share on a different host. I am at the moment trying to migrate a 1 TB virtual disk from a Zpool that I wish to destroy and rebuild. The NFS target is backed by a ZFS file system on a fast SSD...
  16. J

    Windows 2003 VM stops unexpectedly during backup

    Hi, Sometimes the VM stops right after the backup is started. VM is Windows 2003 Web Edition SP2 x86 - Windows's system.log just says about unexpected shutdown - Proxmox logs show nothing but vzdump error about not running VM What else can I check? Any help is appreciated.
  17. N

    LXC backup and multiple raw disks

    Hi everyone, We actually face a problem for scheduling backups of lxc containers with a second raw disk as a mountpoint (mp0). vzdump seems to ignore this and only backup the raw rootfs. Even with options like backup=1 or backup=yes specified. Here is the container conf: root@pmx1:~# cat...
  18. O

    [SOLVED] lxc and 'exclude-path' in /etc/vzdump.conf

    It seems to me that backing up a lxc excludes some paths per default as mentioned, but not explicit called, in [1]. But in my opinion excluding /var/log/* MAY be a bad idea as this excludes everything - although some programs are expecting existing log paths after restoring, apache2 for example...
  19. D

    Web interface disappeared after installing vzdump

    Hi everybody, I installed vzdump and suddendly the proxmox web interface disappeared : ( this is the source code of what I can see now) ------------BEGIN-------------- "<html> <head> <meta http-equiv="/pve2/ext4/resources/css/ext-all.css" /> <link rel="/pve2/css/ext-pve.css" />...
  20. O

    vma_queue_write: write error - Broken pipe

    Hi all, I have a proxmox 3 node cluster running version 3.4.10. A few days ago certain VMs started to fail Vzdump backup with the error: vma_queue_write: write error - Broken pipe I pulled the affected VM out of HA and did a shutdown and startup and put them back into HA which fixed one of...


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