1. I

    The problem with RAIDZ or why you probably won't get the storage efficiency you think you will get

    I wrote something down on Github and would love to hear your feedback.
  2. E

    Whilst move storage from local-lvm to TrueNAS ZFS over iSCSI: Warning: volblocksize (4096) is less than the default minimum block size (8192).

    Hi! When I move a VM's storage from `local-lvm` to a TrueNAS Core based ZFS volume over iSCSI, I get the following warning: Task viewer: VM 102 - Move disk create full clone of drive scsi0 (local-lvm:vm-102-disk-0) Warning: volblocksize (4096) is less than the default minimum block size...
  3. I

    default block size 8k

    The default block size in PVE is 8k. OpenZFS switched the default to 16k, see here https://github.com/openzfs/zfs/pull/12406 Is there a reason why PVE doesn't do the same?
  4. M

    ZFS - VM disk grows higher than real volume size

    Hello, I have some trouble with my ZFS storage. My VM disks are growing higher than the size that is set in the VM hardware tab, it results that the host crashes with a full ZFS zpool. I tried to create a simple example with a 20GiB disk. I think it has to do with the 4k/8k/512 block size, but...
  5. G

    ZFS zvol on HDD locks up VM

    Hello, inside the proxmox GUI I've created a 4 member RAID10 HDD ZFS pool (4T SAS HDDs). I placed a VM disk inside this pool and wanted to copy a big repo from a physical machine to the VM (SCSI disk, discard=on,iothread=1,cache=none) source (physical machine): tar -cpf - repo | mbuffer -s...
  6. H

    zvol volblocksize doubts

    Hello everybody, Right now I have a 4TB zvol that is attached to a VM that works as a fileserver over NFS/SAMBA. There are some issues with this zvol configuration (mainly related with volblocksize) and I would like to create a new one with the right config to replace the old one. This zvol is...
  7. Dunuin

    [TUTORIAL] volblocksize nachträglich ändern / zvol verkleinern / Bei Debian-Gast 2 zvols zu einer zvol zusammenführen

    Moin, Ich musste bei allen meinen VMs nachträglich die volblocksize ändern, sowie bei einer Debian-VM die zvols verkleinern und mehrere zvols zu einer einzigen zusammenführen. Dazu habe ich kaum Informationen finden können und es ist mehr sehr schwer gefallen. Als Gedächtnisstütze habe ich mir...


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