1. Win10 guest ("Ethernet" doesn't have a valid IP configuration) when using vlan.

    Network device with vlan tag to a win10 guest doesn't work and couldn't get the guest out to the internet.
  2. RESOLVED: Can't get any VMs to communicate on VLANs

    RESOLVED: See last thread as the issue ended up being a switch and firewall config issue, not Proxmox VE. My fault. ------ Original thread below ------ I have kept the trial small. I installed a new VM on the default bridge (vmbr0) and tagged it for vlan 201 (and bridge was vlan aware) I was...
  3. floh

    [SOLVED] Network at host (Proxmox) isn't working

    Hello! I have installed my Proxmox host in a extra network where no internet access exist. There I configurated Proxmox and managed the network cards. At this time I have 1 network card with 2 Lunix Bridges These two Bridges are for my VLANs 1st vlan: management-network, so no internet access...
  4. Two LANs in MV

    hello guys I have the following question / problem I have a cluster of three nodes and two virtual machines, of which one virtual machine should only have access to the data network and users and the other to the data network and the management network. Data: Management...
  5. Setting up VLAN

    Hi! So I'm pretty new to this and I'm a bit confused about how to make Proxmox belong to a VLAN. I have a VM running VyOS with two virtual interfaces tagged with VLAN 10(LAN) and VLAN 99(WAN) and that works just fine and dandy but I can't access the GUI to Proxmox or SSH into it since Proxmox...
  6. Vlans & VMs

    By adding bridge_vlan_aware yes to /etc/network/interfaces under each bridge network interface you can use vlan tag as usual again? Using this configuration do we just need to add a vlan tag to each network interface for each VM so the VM;s are segmented so each cannot communicate with one another?
  7. Simple Vlan Configuration

    We need to isolate our vms so that each VM cannot communicate with one another and preferably they cannot contact the host. We have read that we just need to add the vlan tag in the proxmox gui network interface which we have done but when we have the van tag we have no internet connection. we...
  8. Network config advice for VLANs

    Hi, I am moving my home network onto a set of VLANs to provide a bit more security - i.e. isolating my IP cameras and VOIP devices etc. I have a single PVE host (v3.4-6) with about 12 containers (all openvz). Everything is currently on Most of my containers have simple venet...
  9. Proxmox can ping ip of another machine, OpenVZ Container cannot.

    Proxmox 3.4-1 My Proxmox hypervisor has two network interfaces on two different vlans (A and B). Interface A has a gateway, interface B does not. I have several OpenVZ containers that each have 2 ip addresses. One from each vlan (statically set via proxmox). I have a machine that is reachable...


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