1. K

    Is there anyway to remote VM with multi monitor on MacBook(Except SPICE)

    Hi all Recently my MacBook’s ssd cracked suddenly and loss all the SPICE ( Virt-viewer) setting. Therefore I tried to install it with Homebrew (same as my previous MacBook setup). However this time fail with many error such as missing gtk2 (already installed). After that, I am trying to...
  2. C

    Spice error unable connect to graphic server

    Hello, Can't connect to any of the Spice enabled windows guests. I can see SSL warnings but I need some assistance resolving them. I suspect the expired certificate but since I didn't touch that configuration I expected it to work with regular proxmox updates. Apr 22 18:27:37 sarah QEMU[6387]...
  3. J

    Connecting to Proxmox VMs In Java

    Hello! To start off, I am COMPLETELY new to Proxmox. I got through the installation, and it seems pretty intuitive to setup a new virtual machine on PVE (I have some experience with vSphere). What I'm looking for help with is connecting to a virtual machine in a Proxmox server with VNC and...
  4. aPollO

    Spice Mausprobleme

    Hallo, ich habe Gäste mit Linux und mit Windows. Ich habe bei allen das Problem, dass es immer mal wieder nicht möglich ist unten links in der Ecke zu klicken. Zum Beispiel den Windows Startknopf fürs Startmenü. Oder ich kanns klicken, muss aber die linke und dann die rechte Maustatse drücken...
  5. A

    Spice dual monitor from Windows 7 guest

    All, I'm running Proxmox VE 5.3, currently trying to get dual monitor from a Windows 7 guest. I'm running virt-viewer 8.0 from Windows 10 1803. Here is my VM info: agent: 1 bootdisk: scsi0 cores: 1 ide2: local:iso/virtio-win-0.1.164.iso,media=cdrom,size=367806K memory: 8192 name: ADMIN-VM...
  6. aPollO

    Issue with remote console - torn screen

    Hi, i sometimes get a annoying issue with remote viewer and spice console of linux guest. When i minimize my remote viewer window, work a while in another window, and then bring the remote viewer back to foreground. The screen resolution of the guest resize (even if window size not changes) and...
  7. aPollO

    Kubuntu resolution not change when spice window resized

    Hi, actually i try to run Kubuntu 18.04.1 as guest. I installed Kubuntu the default way. Then i installed qemu-agent and spice-vdagent with apt. I changed the display in the vm configuration to SPICE. I can use virt-viewer to connect with the SPICE console. Clipboard sync als also working fine...
  8. S

    SPICE - Timeout for socket-I/O

    Fresh Win7sp1x64 + + Get "Timeout for Socket-I/O" Debug output from remote-viewer: C:\Program Files\VirtViewer v7.0-256\bin>...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] Virt-Viewer V7 fails to connect, V6 works correctly with Spice

    Hi folks, just wanted to leave a note. I'm using Spice for all my VMs and did not have any special problem using virt-viewer under my linux box. Now I got requests from colleagues which need access to the console as well to do some tests. For testing I installed the latest virt-viewer version...
  10. J

    [SOLVED] Virt-viewer issue, advice needed for filing bug

    Hi, Initially I posted this on PVE-user mailinglist, but got no response. Perhaps others have experienced the same behavior with virt-viewer, although I'm aware that openSUSE Tumbleweed uses very recent packages. Opinion or advice would be great.
  11. Laurent Minne

    RDP performance

    Hello everyone, My testing Config : - AMD Ryzen 1600X - Asus Prime AB 350 Plus - 4 x 8Go Crucial 2400Mhz - 4 x MX500 Crucial 250Go in Raidz1 (/root & VM-Images only) - 2 x 4To in raidz1 (vzdump, backup & ISO storage) - Dual NIC 1Gbps No general performance problem on the side of the Proxmox...
  12. T

    SPICE Server & Custom SSL Certs

    --See latest update for actual issue-- Hey everyone! I've just about ironed out my Proxmox install so that it does anything and everything I could ever ask of it. One thing I'm still having trouble with is accessing my Proxmox VMs with SPICE enabled, via Android SPICE clients, like aSpice...
  13. aPollO

    virt-viewer not release keyboard

    I get a realy annoying issue. I have Windows and Linux Guests. When i minimize the Virt-Viewer window or just send them in the background and work in another window i could happen that my entered kebaord input not appear in in the window wich has the focus. Instead all input will be still...


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