1. D

    Proxmox Backup Server works

    hello, tell me please, is it possible to simultaneously run the task of verifying backups at the time when new backups are being made, similarly with the task of garbage collection just noticed that I have a lot of backups in an error state, while backups are made every day and their number is...
  2. D

    Verification jobs failing after successful logrotate, Status unknown

    Hello, we have a weird phenomen on our two backup servers running version 2.4.2 and all packages up-to-date. Our daily verification job that starts running at 02:00 ends up with the status 'unknown' at 00:00. The job actually seems to need more than one day to complete because of our file...
  3. J

    Failed Verification after backup and syncing. How To Fix?

    I have a Proxmox Backup Server in two locations A and B. One on site which makes a nightly backup. That gets synced to a remote site. The remote site gets synced offsite. However, in order to be more redundant I have also begun syncing the backups from location A to location B from the remote...
  4. G

    LXC, trust of default templates

    A friend starting into using Proxmox asked me a question today which I didn't offhand know the answer to and couldn't find a definitive answer on here. How do you know the LXC templates are trustworthy? LXC containers (as in the templates pulled down from pveam), I'm guessing they're pulled...
  5. J

    [SOLVED] : unable to start datastore verification job v-5e15e479-7564 - no such datastore 'store03'

    Hello everyone. I had setup a proxmox backup server and there was some names that were changed for the datastore. Thus the old job is looking for a datastore that doesn't exist anymore or has been renamed. How do I find where that job is trying to initiate from so that I can delete it or correct...
  6. R

    Optimization possible?

    Hello! I've been using PBS since about a year now, love it! I know it is recommended to run the server with SSD data disks. Unfortunately I cannot afford it and have to use spinning disks. Backup and restore works masterfully and perform well, but verification and sync seems to be too slow. At...
  7. S

    Verification speed

    Hello, I have a question, i read from @tuxis they reach around 2GB/s read speed for verify The also use normal disks with special devices, just like our situation. 12 x 7200 RPM 8 TB disk (RaidZ2) 2 x 960 GB...
  8. A

    Corrupt/Missing chunks - keine Verifizierung

    Hallo! ich habe seit einiger Zeit einen automatisierten Verify auf meinem PBS laufen. Allerdings ist mir heute aufgefallen, dass auf einem Datastore meine Backups alle nicht mehr verifiziert werden können. Ein Blick in die Logs spricht dabei von: "unable to load chunk ... no such file or...
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    [SOLVED] Is verify task needed with ZFS-backed datastore ?

    Hello, On PBS, when using a ZFS datastore, should we really enable verification job ? AFAIK, when there's some kind of redundancy (multiple copies, RAIDZ or mirroring), checksum not disabled (why would you do this ?) AND ZFS scrubbing is done on a regular basis (once a week, a month ?), ZFS is...
  10. S

    Verification takes long time

    Hello, We have about 150 Vm's in our proxmox cluster, the back-up with PBS is now super fast! The verification process we start daily @ 09:00 AM But it needs almost 12 hours to finish, CPU is only running at about 30%. Can we improve something to speedup this proces? or running multiple...
  11. C

    [SOLVED] Is there a way to make verification more efficient?

    Hi, the new feature of delaying verifications if done in the last X days got me thinking a bit about how verification works and if there would be a better approach to it. Here are a couple of question the devs could maybe answer :) AFAIK verification checks what kind of chunks should be in a...


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