1. F

    VDI solution for Proxmox?

    I posted this over on /r/Proxmox as well. The organization I work at where I'm the Director of IT is heavily invested in VMware Horizon View - we have 14 Dell servers with dual EPYC CPUs and 3 datacenter class Nvidia GPUs with GRID vGPU licenses in each server. We host, on average, 200...
  2. V

    VDI Options | Post VMware Roadmap / Decisions

    I am looking to understand the roadmap as well as options in our current VE setting (8.1.3). There are limited resources in PVE for VDI and they all seem stale....Deskpool seemed to have the client based upon on a good path, but I think the development has stopped. VMWare has unknown future...
  3. G

    Win 10 VDI w/GPU Passthru - Desktop Lag/Jitter Troubleshooting

    Hello, I'm building out a VDI model for specialized workstations for a host of reasons, but the primary being malware resilience. I believe if I build a Windows desktop platform underpinned by Proxmox, I'll be able to leverage the PVE for rapid restore of the guest in the case of a Windows...
  4. C

    Proxmox VE as VDI Server - PROXMOX_VDI_Launcher

    Welcome, I write a simple code that use Proxmox API for use as VDI Server for Windows VM. First i create a VM with windows 11 and add the machine to main Master Domain Server and install all software that i need as Administrator for All User. I leave the ethernet adapter in DHCP. Second i...
  5. B

    How to change template(windows) and update linked clones

    Hello, I created a virtual machine for Windows 10 and built template from it(after sysprep ...) . After that, I built 20 linked clone from the template. I added another hard drive to all 20 virtual machines and all the important files is stored on this second drive. Now I want to update Windows...
  6. B

    PVE as VDI Platform

    Has anyone deployed a small/mid-sized VDI using the Prox platform? And if so, what's your experience been? I'm currently demoing a small cluster w/Ceph for static services at work, mainly license servers that require HA and it's going well so far. However, management is also interested in...
  7. Y

    Proxmox VDI with vGPU by Deskpool

    Hardware & Network Server: Dell T3640, i7-10700, 64G , 1T NVME, nvidia Tesla P4-8G Network: DHCP Service is enable on network. Install Proxmox 7.1 1. Download Proxmox ISO image https://www.proxmox.com/en/downloads 2. Boot from USB or CD/DVD Use rufus create a bootable usb key...
  8. aPollO

    Spice Mausprobleme

    Hallo, ich habe Gäste mit Linux und mit Windows. Ich habe bei allen das Problem, dass es immer mal wieder nicht möglich ist unten links in der Ecke zu klicken. Zum Beispiel den Windows Startknopf fürs Startmenü. Oder ich kanns klicken, muss aber die linke und dann die rechte Maustatse drücken...
  9. M

    DoraCloud (VDI) + Proxmox 6.3.3

    Any thoughts why Doracloud looks like this? DoraCloud (earlier: Deskpool) - https://www.doracloud.cn What are the alternatives for VDI?
  10. R

    proxmox spice - control video and audio compression

    Hello, We use x2go and chrome remote desktop for VDI on the virtual machines that are on proxmox. We recently started using spice to access webcam through weaker computers (dualcore processors) that don't support good quality video conferencing. Everything is working perfectly (audio and...
  11. R

    [SOLVED] AMD Ryzen 7 and 9 - VDI proxmox/spice

    Hello, We will get AMD Ryzen 7 (2700X) and 9 (3900X). I would like to know if the lack of integrated graphics affects anything in vm. The use of VDI spice/proxmox, x2go, chrome remote desktop will normally occur, correct? best
  12. A

    Which hardware and setup is good for VDI / decent graphic performance?

    Hi, I'm thinking about using Proxmox for a SOHO VDI setup. So no Citrix/VMWare Horizon/WhatSoEver but just a hand full (~10) plain Windows VMs accessed via Windows RDP or maybe SPICE and this also only via LAN (and the office in question even has 10GbE fiber laid out). The requirement for this...
  13. aPollO

    Kubuntu resolution not change when spice window resized

    Hi, actually i try to run Kubuntu 18.04.1 as guest. I installed Kubuntu the default way. Then i installed qemu-agent and spice-vdagent with apt. I changed the display in the vm configuration to SPICE. I can use virt-viewer to connect with the SPICE console. Clipboard sync als also working fine...
  14. aPollO

    Windows 10 Licensing

    Hi Guys, i know it's not absolutly proxmox related. But i hope someone can help me nevertheless. I have build a kind of VDI system with Proxmox VE and Linux Mint guests using the spice console. Now i need to have some Windows 10 guests in this system also. What kind of Windows license i need...
  15. Y

    VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

    Hi! I'm new to this awesome community!! I want to know if it's possible to use PVE since it's based on KVM as a hypervisor in VDI solutions that support KVM as a hypervisor like KVM-VDI solution. my goal is to set up a free VDI solution in our university and I've been working with PVE only for...
  16. M

    Fails to qm importdisk to VM

    Trying to import VDI VM files with qm importdisk <vmid> <source> <storage> and getting ERROR: Incomplete command ???
  17. T

    VDI/SPICE Integration w/ GPU Passthrough?

    Hi all! I know this question is a little out of the scope of what would be considered a normal feature request, but I'd be willing to put in the work to develop something to provide this functionality if someone here could provide a basic outline of where to start, or I'm willing to pay for a...
  18. C

    Make VDI with PROXMOX ans spice Help

    Hi the first thanks to all people that read this theard and especialy to all people that help me in this case. I need to build a virtualize server to install a server win 2012 with active directori, and an asterisk server and then several win 7 machines to do remote desktop and connect well...
  19. K

    Server Design für eine Proxmox VDI Umgebung

    Hallo, wir möchten eine alte Thin Client Infrastruktur in unseren Seminarräumen ersetzen. Es handelt sich hier um 150 Arbeitsplätze. Auf den Thin Clients müssen Windows und Linux Workstations zur Verfügung gestellt werden. Nach vielen Tests fiel die Wahl auf Proxmox um die virtuellen Desktops...


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