1. V

    Mount Point between multiple LXCs

    I have an external drive mounted on /mnt/hdd directly into Proxmox host. I shared /mnt/hdd/data to /data for four LXCs different, with different users. One LXC is qBitTorrent and another is Jellyfin, for example. How to make possible Jellyfin user see and write the saved file from qbittorrent?
  2. J

    Struggling with LDAP filters for AD sync

    Ive never really done much with LDAP filters before, and I am struggling to create one for my setup. The groups is another issue but right now I am just trying to make one for users. Here is what I have tried already. I have tried memberOf=CN=pve_admins,OU=users,DC=ad,DC=test,DC=com...
  3. D

    Allow 1 user per VLAN

    Alright to start off, i have 1 physical server, and lets say 1 interface for now. I run pfSense before the physical proxmox server with the LAN ip of Also in pfSense i did create vlans and added them as interface. In proxmox i did also create VLANs. now my webui runs on...
  4. O

    Allow user to create VMs and only view and manage their own VMs

    Hello, I am desperately looking for a solution so that a user can create one or more VMs and can manage only the ones he has just created. I work for a high school with classes where we teach computer science, and we need the students to be able to create their VM without touching those of their...
  5. S

    After creating and assigning user with admin priv getting permission denied when accessing from console?

    Dear all, I created few internal users added them to admin group and gave the group adiministrator priv in proxmox. Everything is working fine except when trying to access user account from console I don't get a bash prompt instead get a sh prompt. And when I try to create or do any activity it...
  6. U

    LDAP cannot sync group include user in group

    Im using LDAP for authentication user for proxmox All user and group sync from LDAP to Proxmox successfully But user's group cannot mapping in proxmox - LDAP: - But after sync successfully Group doesn't include user This is my setting of ldap authen Expected like this (I add group of...
  7. R

    Proxmox LDAP issue

    I'm currently setting up a proxmox mail gateway in front of an iRedMail (CE) server for testing purposes. The reason I'm using iRedMail is that is comes with OpenLDAP by default. While I'm not to well versed into LDAP I'd like to use this to give my users access to their account with a single...
  8. H

    Extending /etc/pve/.clusterlog

    Hello, I am trying to create an audit trail spanning a couple of months of user logins into proxmox. I believe /etc/pve/.clusterlog is the best source of information, but by default it only stores the last 50 entries. Is there any way, short of running a cron job to archive every so often...
  9. R

    Multiple people create their own vms, but shouldn't see each other. Can we use one lvm-thin?

    I'd like to be able to give access to two-three people so they can install stuff on my proxmox. In order for these guys to be able to create a vm/lxc, they have to have the Datastore.AllocateTemplate on the storage which is only found in PVEDatastoreAdmin. So in order for two people to create...
  10. N

    (Hopefully) Quick question about roles.

    Is it possible to make a role that only allows the user to see the summery tab for the data center, and cluster nodes but do/see nothing else? I want to give a user the ability to see how much the resources are being used and then give them permissions else where (Ive got this part figured out)...
  11. O

    User management to just reset VMs

    I am trying to achieve a task. I want one single group of users to 1: - List VM's(just current status and IP address ) 2:- Reset VM's (revert them to the previous state). 3:- If it any VM allocated to that group is off then turn it on. I played with many things and followed this...


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