1. X

    RAM Usage 100%

    Hello, i already use Proxmox for a long amount of time. Recently I changed over from an HA Cluster to a single Server. Before I had 3xHP Node with i5 and 16GB Ram per Node. Now I’m Rocking an Ryzen 9 3900x and 64Gb of Ram. Before I never ran into Ram issues, but now the Ram usage always is on...
  2. M

    Virtual disk usage

    Problem: Currently, we're unable to get an overview in Proxmox about the virtual disk usage. You will only get the total disk size (200GB), on the VM overview page: Even... when going to the storage location and click on "VM DIsks", it will only give me the total size: Solution: When I'm...
  3. S

    Proxmox Storage issues

    Hello Forum! Happy to be here and a new proxmox user. To get right into it, I messed up. Current config is a 4 disk RAID 5 array managed by a RAID card on the server in a Raid5 configuration, for a total of 6TB of storage (2TB x 4disks = 8TB - 2TB loss from Raid5) Essentially I did not...
  4. A

    Overusage RAM?

    Hello i got 1 node on my new server currently have 2 VM (Windows 10 Pro 64 bit based) i allocated RAM 8 Gb each VM but the usage RAM on proxmox node was very different from 2 VM For VM 1 VM 2 Node i already start balloon service too on windows services, is that normal for node? sorry for...
  5. R

    pve-firewall restarting server to reduce memory usage

    Good day all, In the process of upgrading a pve 5 cluster to pve 6 (better late than never). After the corosync upgrade to 3 with all cluster nodes still on pve 5 and online with quorum there was a netwok issue on one of the nodes. All VMs became unreachable for a minute or two and then came...
  6. C

    [SOLVED] CPU usage with LXC in webui

    Hello, I was under the impression that the reported CPU usage in the webui for LXC is in % but I'm having doubts. According to this picture: is the container using 10% cpu or it has a load of 10 (just like top would report) Thanks
  7. P

    Suggestion: Tips and Tricks sub-forum

    Hi, I do read through the posts and help where I can(still sort of new). Sure would be nice to read and submit tips and tricks to make usage of this great product even better. Examples could be, bash aliases, methodology on backups and deployment, best practices, optimization Thoughts...
  8. A

    ZFS pool report wrong space usage on disk

    Hello every body! I'm very new to proxmox and facing a strange thing: I built a ZFS RAIDZ1 / RAID5 from 4 4TB drives for a total usable size of theorically 12 TB. Once formatted, there's 10.21 TB Usable for datas: Using Thick Provisionning - no snapshot running I have a VM with a virtual hard...
  9. F

    swappiness on container

    Hi, I use Proxmox version '5.1-38'. I've 30 containers and VM-s. I want to change swappiness variable from 60 to 15 on several containers and it says 'sysctl: setting key "vm.swappiness": Read-only file system'. I think I should to change this on node but I don't want. Can I change it on only...
  10. C

    Webui ram usage vs free

    Hello, I'm trying to understand how does the webui report the ram usage for the host. As you can see here the ram usage reported by the webui is 50GB but according to free shouldn't that value be "total - available column" (125-45=85GB used) I'm not sure which one to believe. Could ZFS...
  11. M

    ceph 12.1.0-pve2 high ram usage

    Hi, we have two node cluster test environment and we have concerns about ram usage which is about 90% on each node. Each node has 64GB RAM and 5 VM consuming abount 24GB of RAM. What consumes the rest?
  12. C

    Strange RAM usage

    Hi, I'm currently on Proxmox 4.4 and have a strange RAM issue on a single node. The node has four VMs totaling 70GB of ram put together. However, the server (via the Proxmox graphs and htop) shows and reports 110 - 115GB on a host with 128GB of ram. Is there any reason the RAM usage would be so...
  13. B

    how to check resource per-vm

    hello, I want to ask about 1. how to check resource usage per-vm (like xentop under xen) 2. it's possible oversell cpu & memory on proxmox? Absolutely if I using vm thanks before
  14. G

    [SOLVED] CephFS ungleiche Datenverteilung

    Hallo zusammen, ich hoffe mir kann hier jemand bei CephFS weiter helfen: Wie oben geschrieben habe ich das Problem, dass in meinem Proxmox Cluster mit CephFS die Daten auf den OSDs sehr ungleich verteilt werden. Im folgenden das Setup: Aktuell 4 Server (5. ist in Planung). Jeder Server hat...
  15. G

    LXC disk size vs. disk usage MISMATCH

    Looks like the actual disk size inside an LXC container is smaller than reported, because our containers are routinely getting full before hitting the specified disk size. For example in this container there is a 2GB difference between available disk space and disk size. root@lxc:/# du -chs *...


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