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    node 1 randomly going down

    I have 4 node cluster built on HP consumer-grade computers ( added additional HDD via USB 3.0 interface for CPEH) one node randomly going down not able to fix this can someone please help ? Attached the log from node
  2. T

    The sporadic node Crashed automatically no logs

    I have 3 node clusters on identical hardware with HP Elitebook G3 min with i5 and 16GB ram, 256 on board one of the node is getting disconnected automatically sometimes its unresponsive sometimes it shutdown not sure what causes this kind of effect. root@pve03:~# pvecm status Cluster...
  3. O

    proxmox freezes

    Hello, im new to proxmox and im facing a problem, and i don't even know where to start to solve it. proxmox freezes completley and becomes unresponsive and all virtual machine are also unresponsive. My setup : ASUS prime b550m-a, 48 GB ram, 250 GB nvme boot drive, 1tb ssd -> lvm 2 * 1tb -> zfs...
  4. D

    One out of three nodes networking issue - node unreachable

    Hello, I have 3 identical servers running identical version of Proxmox with all of therm fully upgraded. Each has 2 network cards installed, one is on-board quad 10gb and another is PCie quad port SPF+ 10gb. I have created two bridges, each bridge having all 4 ports assigned. Both bridges has...
  5. B

    Proxmox inaccessible over SSH and web UI

    Hey At least once a month I am unable to access my Proxmox server over SSH and web UI. For SSH the timeout error pops up and for web UI unable to reach. Going to syslog I am unable to find anything, I can only see a cut in logs. Such as no logs from a few hours ago till the time i had to...
  6. K

    NFS storage suddenly has unexplainable "latency"/connection problems

    Hello, after updating/upgrading our cluster 3 weeks ago (Linux 5.15.85-1-pve #1 SMP PVE 5.15.85-1 (2023-02-01T00:00Z) on all nodes) and adding another NFS storage, we ran into weird unexplainable NFS issues we haven't been able to troubleshoot ever since. Short summary of the setup: A cluster...
  7. A

    Kernel freshclam general protection fault

    I installed the last version of Proxmox: 7.3-4 (running kernel: 5.15.83-1-pve). And then, after a week the server became unreachable and a hard reset was necessary (through Hetzner interface). In order to understand the origin of the problem I looked at kernel logs belonging to the time before...
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    Cluster problem after one node is unreachable

    There is a problem in my cluster , that when sometimes there is a problem in one node, the problem that exactly I dont know what it is ,but the node becomes unreachable and cant be pinged , then all other nodes go to the red icon phase and it seems that the cluster network becomes slow and...
  9. R

    Can not 'apt update' on LXC

    hey there, I am new to this amazing project. I have installed latest version of Proxmox, and everything is just fine. But, I have some issue that I can not update /or install the apps on my LXCs or VMs, it says unable to reach the network. I can ping both domain or public IP (such as Google...
  10. G

    Network is unreachable

    Hello, noob here, I've tried many of the solutions listed but can't figure it out. I'm installing proxmox onto an old dell optiplex I have connected to my shitty AT&T modem. I set the computer's ip to static and set the ip in proxmox when installing to the same ip (I left the rest to default)...
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    containers unreachable until traffic is issued outbound

    I have an intermittent problem with containers. On boot, their network is unreachable until I manually lxc-attach them and ping out. This only happens to SOME containers but there doesnt seem to be any common denominator. How are routes propagated when a container is powered on? how can I...
  12. R

    LXC container unavailable after 2-5 mins

    Hello everybody, i have a very strange problem. I have a LXC container with a lot of stuff in it (website, Databases etc.) after the container is up i'm able to browse the web pages on it and after about 2-5 mins the container is not reachable anymore from the outside world. Did anybody had a...


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