1. L

    Bridge - host trunk and access ports

    Hi, I have network bridge consisting of 2 hardware nic's (ports). I would like to set one port as trunk (this works on enp2s0) and the other as access port (for selected vlan on iface enp3s0). Currently both ports/nic work as trunk ports and I can't find solution for above. Traffic reaching this...
  2. G

    Provide raw trunk to an ESXi guest VM

    I have Proxmox 7.4-4 on baremetal server - it is fed with a trunk which I have working tagged on vmbr0. Within proxmox I have an ESXi guest VM to which I wish to provide the raw trunk vmbr0. I've successfully got it working by creating entries in my config eg: auto vmbr0.172 iface vmbr0.172...
  3. B

    Need some help figuring out a VLAN Trunk over VMs

    Hey everyone, still getting some things figured out. So i've been working trying to get some networking up and running. I've tried a few solutions i've seen online but havent gained much traction personally, so i figured i'd reach out. This is my interface setup at the moment auto lo iface lo...
  4. J

    Unable to create Trunk port [Please Help :)]

    Hello, Really grateful for some assistance, pulling my hair out here... Setup: dell r730 with quad port broadcom nic (OEM) and a mellanox connectx-3, proxmox 7.2 VM: sophos xg with 3 vmbr (2 wan, 1 lan (trunk)). Issue: Trunk port works fine when I use one of my Dell r730 integrated quad port...
  5. M

    [SOLVED] PVE Config Netzwerk (interfaces) - VLAN, Bond, Trunk...

    Hallo, ich benötige doch etwas Hilfe bei der Konfiguration der Netzwerk-Schnittstellen. Hier einmal die jetzige /etc/network/interfaces: auto lo iface lo inet loopback ### PVE GUI ### Bridge auf eno1 mit statischer IP für PVE iface eno1 inet manual auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0 inet static...
  6. P

    Trunk interface for LXC. Possible?

    Hello, My current config consists of an LC OVS Bridge (vmbr0) with is trunked. All the VMs, LXCs have interfaces connected to this bridge and of course each of them have a VLAN ID specified. Now, a situation has arised where I would need a trunk port, basically just L2, to be available within...
  7. C

    What is the correct VLAN mode on managed switch?

    Hello, my ISP (Vodafone cable) provides two internet access points: - standard (like any ISP offers) - static IP The router (here: AVM Fritz!Box 6490 cable) basically works like any other Fritz!Box with only one exception: 1 port is configured for using the static IP. I guess one could call...
  8. D

    OVS QinQ config

    We try to crossconnect traffic from external devices into VMs running on pve. The external devices operate with untagged and vlan-tagged traffic. The VMs are supposed to receive the traffic the same way - untagged and tagged. The VMs have proper vlan configs "inside" to receive the traffic...
  9. T

    Interface already exist in bridge

    Hello, I experiencing issues configuring a VM with a NIC tag with VLAN 100 on vmbr0 : After a reboot I can now start the VM with a NIC in VLAN 100 but : two VMs with a NIC in VLAN 100 can't communicate a VM can't communicate with another "real" equipment in VLAN 100 from my laptop in VLAN...
  10. A

    [SOLVED] Sporadischer Verbindungsabbruch bei VLAN/LACP

    Sehr geehrte Kolleginnen und Kollegen, aktuell habe ich einen Demoaufbau im semiproduktiven Einsatz um Probleme zu erkennen und einzudämmen, bevor ich damit an 500 User gehe. Aktuell benutzt das Unternehmen garkeine logisch getrennten Systeme. Setups in diesem Umfang hatte ich zuvor mit vmWare...


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