tape drive

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    PBS does not identify my TS4300 tape library

    lsscsi [1:0:0:0] cd/dvd HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-T10N 1.00 /dev/sr0 [2:0:0:0] disk ServeRA BootV V1.0 /dev/sda [2:0:1:0] disk ServeRA Volume V1.0 /dev/sdb [2:1:0:0] disk HUA72101 0KLA330 AB4A - [2:1:1:0] disk HUA72101 0KLA330...
  2. M

    Bandlaufwerk wird nicht erkannt

    Hallo zusammen, Ich habe ein IBM LTO4 Bandlaufwerk (LTO Ultrium - 4 H) und ein Raid Controller Fujitsu ICT-1607. Wenn ich Windows Installiere kann ich das Bandlaufwerk steuern und es einwandfrei benutzen. Leider wird das Laufwerk unter ProxMox Backup Server nicht erkannt und auch mit Linux...
  3. L

    Can't use Tape using pmt

    As you can see, I can use < mt > to manage my tape. Sadly, using < pmt > like PBS, it doesn't work. I've tried: -Different Tapes -Cleaning Tapes -LTO-4 Tape -PBS Upgrade None of the above helped. Below I've attached you a print out of the error and some general device info. Hope it helps :)...
  4. T

    AWS Vitual Tape Library "decode element status failed - failed to fill whole buffer"

    Hello, I connected the media changer of my AWS storage gateway via ISCSI to my PBS. iscsiadm -m node --targetname iqn..com.amazon:sgw-idididmediachanger --login Then i added the changer via the following command to the pbs-system proxmox-tape changer create sl3 --path...
  5. F

    Emulex HBA Fiber Channel Tape Drive Issue

    Hi! My problem is that i don't get my Tape Drives & Library show up under Proxmox over Fiber Channel. Under Windows i installed OCManager from Emulex and everything showed up in Device Manager, easy, but under Linux i don't know. My HBA(emulex lpe11002) is recognized and show up...
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    Tape drive not found

    Hi, I wanted to test PBS tape backups with a Tanberg LTO-6 drive. But proxmox-tape drive scan does not find the drive. If I do a proxmox-drive create LTO-Test --path /dev/tape/by-id/scsi-HUJ6156274 it throws an error Error: path '/dev/tape/by-id/scsi-HUJ6156274' is not a lto SCSI-generic tape...
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    Right way to setup Tape drives

    Hey, I want to set up a backup solution with Proxmox and tape drives. Unfortunately I have no real experience with tape drives. PBS has it on the roadmap, but doesn't support it at the moment. So what is the right way to set up this? I think it would be something like: - attach the SAS...
  8. P

    Proxmox 5.0 Adding Tape Drive For Windows Backups

    Hello, first time here but looking for some help. I have the latest proxmox and I'm trying to add a RD1000 tape drive to it so that windows server 2016 can see it as a tape drive, not just a disk. I can get windows server 2016 to see it as a disk but that creates problems, it doesn't allow the...


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