subscription key


    Proxmox support site - new tickets don't show in list

    I'm a relatively new subscriber trying to get through Ceph install issues - and ended up having to open a pair of tickets in order to re-issue come licenses. After I was done I noticed that the page that should list open tickets was blank. I logged back in and refreshed the page and - yup -...
  2. R

    Is a subscription key considered a secret?

    We automatically set up our Proxmox nodes using ansible and need to store the subscription keys somewhere (in our source repository, in the filesystem, etc.) Now the question arose whether a subscription key is something that can be stored in plaintext or if it should considered as a secret...
  3. B

    [SOLVED] Subscription key ckeck fails: "Connection error - Timeout."

    Hello, my subscription key ckeck fails with "Connection error - Timeout.". In the beginning this worked but not since 2023-08-10. The subscription is valid until 2024-07-30. Where can I check for a more detailed error log? Thanks!
  4. D

    Subscription Timout

    I am receiving a subscription timeout error when using the "Check" button: "Invalid response from server. 500 Can't connect to 443 (500)". I've edited the sysctl.conf file with the following to disable ipv6 support on the node as outlined in other threads...
  5. U

    "invalid: subscription information too old" and "Connection error 596: Broken pipe"

    Hi, one of our nodes feels unhappy about its subscription state and displays "invalid: subscription information too old" in the node's subscription page: When I click "Check", a popup opens and displays "Connection error 596: Broken pipe". Nothing conclusive in the logs, maybe anyone else...
  6. tbjers

    How do I keep the subscription server ID the same after reinstalling PVE on a machine?

    I am using Ansible to provision and deploy PVE to my bare-metal servers in my home lab. This works great, although I noticed that the Server ID changes with each new OS installation, even when the hardware is exactly the same. Is there a way to keep the server ID the same for each machine...
  7. G

    Proxmox Enterprise Subscription

    How many servers can I activate with the enterprise subscription?
  8. F

    Add CPU to existing subscription

    Hi all, I've just today added a second CPU to my server after only a couple of months. I purchased a subscription for 1x CPU but I need to update this to 2x CPU. Looks like I can't edit the existing subscription to add the second CPU. There are options to purchase 1x CPU subscription again but...
  9. taich

    Subscription Key not accepted

    I have a valid subscription, but my server tells me it is too old. When I issue a check I get Connection error 596. Same if I remove and re upload the subscription key. Can anyone tell me how to overcome this? Thanks Thomas
  10. M

    Subscription Key

    Hi, we change our hardware and we want to move our subscription keys from old to new enviroment. Old enviroment had 4 sockets per host (2 hosts) now we have 2 sockets and 3 hosts. Is there any chance to change our active keys?
  11. V

    how to install a subscription key from the command line

    How to install a subscription key from the command line for a new PVE 6.2 node? Thanks.
  12. taich


    I have a subscription key for an old server. This server broke down and I now have a new one. I added the old subscription key but now I have Status Invalid: Invalid Server ID How can I fix this?
  13. Sven Jörns

    Subscription Key testen funktioniert nicht mehr

    Ich bekomme den schon bekannten Fehler bei apt update: root@pve04:~# apt update Hit:1 buster InRelease Hit:2 buster/updates InRelease Err:3 buster InRelease 401 Unauthorized [IP...
  14. R

    [SOLVED] Subscription key update via command line?

    Hi, in which file of proxmox I have to provide a new subscription key when I want to do this via command line?
  15. J

    401 Unauthorized but key is valid?

    Hello, Anyone know where to look for this problem? It was happening on two hosts I recently upgraded to 5.2. Today it seems only one. 3rd party subscription vendor says it might be permissions on /etc/pve but I am running the update as root from the shell and have read access to everything under...
  16. S

    Update free version to subscription

    Hi, I built a cluster with proxmox and after testing I now want to use it for production. Now my question is, if I am using it in the free version first until I get the subscription key, will there be any problems updating the servers afterwards? Do you recommend waiting for subscriptions to...
  17. I

    Invalid response from server: 500 Can't connect to (500)

    Hello, I have fallowing version installed: proxmox-ve: 4.2-52 (running kernel: 4.4.8-1-pve) pve-manager: 4.2-11 (running version: 4.2-11/2c626aa1) when I go to Subscription -> Check I receive error: Invalid response from server: 500 Can't connect to (500) Whit tcpdum...
  18. B

    [SOLVED] Installation und Subscription Key

    Hallo, kann mir jemand mitteilen, wo im Proxmox-System der Subscription-Key eingetragen werden muss, damit auf das Enterprise-Repository zugegriffen werden kann? Nachtrag ====== Habe mittlerweile die Subscription Key erfolgreich hochgeladen bekommen. Dennoch kommt beim Zugriff auf die...
  19. J

    [SOLVED] How to move the subscription key from 3.4 to 4.0

    [SOLVED] Hi, We have 6 subscription keys here for 6 nodes which are running under pve 3.4 (only OpenVZ VPS). We've waited until now to upgrade to pve 4.0 because of the needed OpenVZ to LXC migration. So now, we have one of our former v3.4 node upgraded to v4.0 and our first containers are...


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