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    Post PVE 7 to 8 issue: pam_env(sshd:session): deprecated reading of user environment enabled

    I've been seeing this in my logwatch reports since upgrading from PVE 7 to 8. Looks like a known issue at Debian. Several bug reports there - bugs 1018106, 1018260 and 1030119. I wasn't seeing these errors prior to the upgrade. Here's a link to one of them...
  2. J

    fail2ban on PBS 3

    Hello all, I've followed the guide at to set up fail2ban for PBS. Couple of issues with this, but the one I'm currently trying to sort out is why failed attempts via the PBS gui aren't recorded in...
  3. T

    LXC SSH confusing habits

    Hey Guys, while updating and restarting some of our LXC Containers we got some confusing alarms by our monitoring. We check for some configurations in the sshd_conf to be present (just some basic security stuff and nothing special) and got an alarm that these are missing. So we checked our...
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    [SOLVED] SSH 'refused connect' | PVE

    Hi there, I may have broken SSH on my PVE host by doing `systemctl stop sshd` a while back in the shell and not the web GUI - ever since, I've not been able to connect to the host over SSH. It's showing as running, and even accepts incoming SSH connections, however all connection attempts are...
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    Proxmox 7: Another one with SSH login problem with root user/password without keys

    So i search the web and forums last two days and no solution... So brand new install of Proxmox 7, create from default ubuntu 21 template new container, without SSH key as i dont want to use them Changed PermitRootLogin to yes in both PVE and Container, commented out PAM, enabled...
  6. D

    Can I have "PermitRootLogin no" on /etc/ssh/sshd_config?

    I'm trying to secure my machines, and disallow remote root logins. I tried setting it to no, but when I tried migrating a machine to another node on the cluster, I can't. Can I have "PermitRootLogin no"? How about "PermitRootLogin proibit-password"? I figure some of these would make the...
  7. T

    Seeking support for using qm create and specifying a bridge

    Hello Proxmox team, I have been trying to provision a VM to use a network bridge all evening unsucessfully. The following commands create a working VM that is configured via cloud-init. This works great and the VM starts up just fine. However, the `/etc/resolv.conf` file contains a nameserver...
  8. H

    CentOS LXC template with sshd

    Hey guys, The Proxmox CentOS container is really minimal, and doesn't include sshd installed out of the box. Is it possible to include a more complete version on the templates repositories? I have downloaded one template from the internet, but I can't login into it using VNC as it doesn't...


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