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    vnc does not work in cluster

    Hi, I have three nodes in a cluster and when I try to VNC in the other two nodes's VMs, it doesn't work. Only the host node works. From my understanding, it's something to do with ssh? Can someone give a few pointers on how and what to set to have this working properly? Thanks
  2. R

    New container - password and SSH keys

    When I create a container, I have the option to inform password and/or SSH key. If I inform SSH key, it's allowed not to inform password. In case only SSH key is informed, how can I access via shell at Proxmox itself? Since I didnt' inform a password, this seems to be not possible. My case is...
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    Unexpected tunnelin/forwarding attempts after upgrade

    After upgrade this message started occasionally flash on LXC terminals. channel 3: open failed: administratively prohibited: open failed Then after a few seconds it disappears and says something about forwarding but too quickly to see. Remote port forwarding failed to listen on port XXX Oddly...
  4. S

    root@pam user and key based authentication

    hmm. I don't understand why root@pam always asks password when I do this: /usr/bin/proxmox-backup-client backup etc.pxar:/etc var.pxar:/var --repository The backup-client is Proxmox host and should have proper keys to backup server.
  5. D

    [SOLVED] Proxmox Cluster - How to clean-up ssh_known_hosts?

    Hi there, I have noticed that there is a bit of a mess in the "/etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts" because I recently had some issues with a cluster that I dismantled completely. I had to remove configurations by hand and change some IP addresses. As a result, there is a long list things in there... The...
  6. N

    Proxmox VE firewall not blocking SSH

    I have a very strict firewall policy that essentially boils down to, block ALL traffic from any and all servers and computers that are not essential to that host's operation or needs. This seemed fine for a while but I just realized that anything on VLAN 10 can access Proxmox via SSH, even...
  7. W

    [SOLVED] pve webui and ssh not working

    I did not work on my PVE for 6 months and found it with this broken webui and ssh access. I might be the cause of this issue due to changes back in the day but I do not remember. Anyway, the first pve7.3 install did work and since this is a clean new server I reinstalled proxmox 7.3. However...
  8. T

    LXC SSH confusing habits

    Hey Guys, while updating and restarting some of our LXC Containers we got some confusing alarms by our monitoring. We check for some configurations in the sshd_conf to be present (just some basic security stuff and nothing special) and got an alarm that these are missing. So we checked our...
  9. A

    Help setting up networking on Ubuntu Server 22.04 VM

    I am very new to proxmox and VMs so apologies in advance for stupid terminology/questions. I'm starting a home server running Proxmox 8.0 with an Ubuntu Server 22.04 installation. My goal is to use SSH to use the console from my main PC on my local network. (I use Termius as my SSH client) I...
  10. O

    pve version 7.4-15 Breaks vnc, SSh, nfs

    All, I am having a ton of problems after upgrading to pve-7.4-15 Any time I try to ssh into my proxmox server i get 1 minute and then it kicks me out. If I attempt to view any VM using the pve web browser no-vnc option i can see the vm navigate for about 2 mins and then it says connection...
  11. T

    SSH to LXC from server node works but not from another LAN PC with "Permission denied" error

    Really new to Proxmox but very existed after installed it on one of my home PCs and saw it up and running. The server node IP is I have also created a Ubuntu 22.04 LXC (no firewall) which has IP and installed Nginx on it. Now I can access Nginx default page at...
  12. S

    ssh: Could not resolve hostname after setup vmbr0

    Cannot connect to my node using the hostname. IP works. I installed debian and then the pve. At this time it works. After I setup the vmbr0 I have the problem. But the setup is identical to my other both nodes, which works. The router is only a retail product (Fritzbox). I deleted the device...
  13. L

    Debian 12 LXC Image problem

    Hi System: Proxmox 7.4 (latest version) LXC Image: Problem description: if we edit the ssh port in /etc/ssh/sshd_config, to for example port 12000, ssh continues to use the default 22 port (ofc i did restarted the...
  14. B

    [SOLVED] I think someone is trying to connect to my proxmox

    Hello there! (Sorry for my bad english) I am really new to proxmox (and linux in general), I'm not even sure if this is the place I'm supposed to write this. So I installed proxmox a week ago, I plan to set up a NAS and other stuff in the future, but now I only have an Ubuntu VM right now. I...
  15. H

    SSH public key validation error (500)

    I'm bumping my head against this problem where I need to add several keys for containers at creation time, but keep getting the above error on PVE 7.4 when doing it via the WebUI/GUI interface. What is the expression/criteria to match or make it work? Is it acctually supported? as it seems to...
  16. N

    [SOLVED] Proxmox SSH Port Forward - Connection Refused

    Hello, I have a hosted proxmox server with one public ip where i have configured a NAT rules to allow internet access to the VMs that have a separated vmbr1 bridge network, and that is working fine. The next step that wanted to configre was to be able to SSH to a specific VM, for this reason...
  17. P

    Can't access WebUI or SSH anymore - but containers are fine

    Hey, so my PVE installation started acting weird from one day to the other. I can ping the server, I can also access containers and ssh into them and use them normally, but: - No Access to the WebUI - When trying to ssh onto the server, it asks for a password, I type it but it never lets me in...
  18. I

    Web interface no longer works - access via SSH still possible - data lost?

    Hello all, I can no longer access the Proxmox web interface. Accordingly, LXC containers and VMs no longer work. (Screenshot) Access via SSH is still possible. I had previously performed updates of Proxmox directly, as I do at regular intervals. Then did a complete restart of Proxmox and...
  19. B

    Change SSH port on Proxmox VE cluster

    Hi guys, I have the following problem: I wanted to change the default SSH port from 22 to 2222, and I was able to do so by editing the sshd_config files. However, even after changing the SSH port, when I try to migrate a VM between NODE_X and NODE_Y using ProxMox, it still uses port 22 and the...
  20. D

    [SOLVED] ssh Problem bei LXC Template ubuntu-22.04-standard_22.04-1

    hallo, ich habe folgendes Problem und leider bin ich nicht der Linux-Spezi... Nach Grundinstallation eines LXC Containers mit dem Template ubuntu-22.04-standard_22.04-1 und den anschließenden Updates, läuft der ssh dienst nicht so wie ich es erwarte. Es ist keine Firewall auf Proxmox und...


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