speed issues

  1. P

    VM migration speed question

    Hi collegues, i would like to ask you about migration speed between PVE cluster nodes. I have a 3-node PVE 8 cluster with 2x40G network links: one for CEPH cluster (1) and another one for PVE cluster/CEPH public network (2). CEPH OSDs is all-nvme. In cluster options i've set also one of these...
  2. L

    Change WAL and DB location for running (slow) OSD's

    I need to do something about the horrible performance I get from the HDD pool on a production cluster. (I get around 500KB/s benchmark speeds!). As the disk usage has been increasing, so the performance has been dropping. I'm not sure why this is, since I have a test cluster, which higher...
  3. N

    Very slow download speed on host (NUC12PRO)

    I received my NUC12PRO 2 months ago. Since then everything went well, I had a very good network connection (1500 Mbs donwload connected to ethernet). One day I wake up and notice my download speed was very slow. This has been the case for 1 week now.... Current Speedtest : Download : 50-100...
  4. N

    Networking speed issues: 1Gb/s instead of 2.5Gb/s

    Hello everyone I have a 4 ports QNAP 2.5Gbits NIC that I passthrough my Opnsense VM and through that this VM is able to get an Internet speed of around 2.2/2.3Gbp/s so this is OK. On my Proxmox hypervisor i have another 2.5Gbp NIC that is used as a bridge for all LAN VMs. If i check with...
  5. S

    Firewall - Internet Speed

    Hey everyone, We have a 10G Internet connection but we are not even reaching 1GB Internet Speed to the firewall installed on proxmox. We have used the Intel1000 as nwetowrk card. Is it possible to get the full Internect connection speed to the firewall?
  6. V

    LACP For LXC Containers

    Hi All, I recently configured LACP for my proxmox instance with 4 Port NIC using Linux Bond with LACP (802.3ad) Mode & layer2 as hash policy also configured my unifi switch to work in LACP Mode But the issue now i am facing is that my container is not working with full use of LACP i tested it...
  7. M

    How to create 100Gbit/s network in Proxmox between VM`s?

    Good day. I have two node`s with Mellanox ConnectX-5 100Gbit/s EDR InfiniBand. I want to have 100Gbit/s between VM`s. I`m using VirtIO Network driver and get only 20Gbit/s. I`m using "Iperf" for calculating network speed. Between two physical hosts I have 93Gbit/s (7 threads) When i was checking...
  8. P

    [SOLVED] Remote Sync Speed suddenly slow

    Dear Proxmox Forum Community, I have encountered a problem with the sync between local PBS and remote PBS. The Setup We run a Proxmox Backup Server internally for backing up Proxmox VE VMs (+ proxmox-backup-client for 2 smaller workstation hosts). The internal PBS is of course behind a...
  9. A

    Slow write speeds in ZFS pool after updating to 7.2-3

    Hello there, I have a Z440 workstation that I've been using as a Proxmox server for over a year. It has 192 GiBs of ECC RAM and an Intel Xeon CPU E5-2687W v4. Proxmox is installed on an Intel DC P3700 PCI-e SSD. The main storage pool is a raid z1 with 5 identical 4 TB Iron Wolf HDDs. The pool...
  10. B

    [SOLVED] Proxmox and OPNsense - Network speed issue

    Hi everybody, After some research on the web, I think there's no solution with OPNsense but I ask you because perhaps I've missed something. My config : Proxmox 7 (Debian 11) OPNsense 21.7 Virtio network card (queue 8) More than 1Gb/s web connexion I'll do some speed test in different...
  11. D

    strange vm network speed issue

    Hi, I have a strange issue with my network on Proxmox 7. When I use iperf between a connected PC and the Proxmox host, I get around 920-945 mbit/s. Between the Proxmox host and a linux VM, I get 3-7 gbit/s. (everything correct so far) But between the connected PC and the linux VM, i get only...
  12. I

    ethtool reports speed and duplex unknown

    Dear ProxMox support / members, I was sycing a large file like around 500G using ssh from an Ubuntu VM to another physical host in the network. I noticed the speed was 10MB/s and it should be at least 90MB/s since we have 1Gb/s network cisco switches and 1Gb/s NICs on the PVE hosts. So, I set...
  13. T

    scp speed (MB/s) between VMs on same host

    I am testing some file transfer speeds in PVE 6.2-4. I have got two VMs on a host both using same bridge (with no ports/slave) for private network (192.168.1.X). They are both using VIRTIO network device, a zfs pool for harddisk space and have 3GB or RAM and 1 socket, 2 Core CPU. The file...
  14. P

    Low (network) transfer speeds on Dell PowerEdge T610

    Hi all I have installed Proxmox on the above mentioned server (tower) The transfer speeds from/to the server (samba share on a container) are VERY low, about 1MB/sec. Is there anything special that I have to do to get reasonable speeds? All discs are original, I think 15K SAS drives. I just...
  15. S

    Network speed slow from host to LAN (200 Mb/s)

    Hello, I have looked at several posts here in the forum on this topic, but I can't get any further. The network connection from my PVE host to the LAN is only about 100 to maximum 200 MBytes/sec. I have tested this with iperf3 (logs below), ethtool shows that the NIC is correctly recognized...
  16. D

    Low backup speed: Proxmox Backup to OMV NAS via NFS

    Hey everyone, I am new to the whole home server topic but I am somehow familiar with the basics I guess. So I am running the following setup: Latest Proxmox and OMV version on both systems. OMV Backup NAS Server: Raspberry Pi 4B + external Raid0 enclosure (2x 2 TB WD Red, no SMR drivex, = 4...
  17. Proxygen

    [SOLVED] Speedtest-cli: Upload Speed is Capped Because the Kernel Uses BBR

    BBR seems to be the reason for upload speeds limited to 4.17Mbps when using speedtest-cli on kernel >= 4.9. See https://github.com/sivel/speedtest-cli/issues/605 Until this is resolved, use iperf to test upload speeds. PS: This is not a tutorial, but it is surely not a question.
  18. V

    [SOLVED] Unusually slow IO on a PCIe SSD

    Hello, everyone! My PCIe SSD runs very slowly within the guest Windows VM. Basically it performs like a very very slow SSD. I can't seem to find the cause. Maybe you can help me out? Background I was exploring the options how to make Windows VMs run extremely fast atop of Proxmox. One of the...
  19. A

    Speed problem with MTU 9000 hypervisor and MTU 1500 VMs

    Hello, We have speed loss with mtu set to 9000 and WMs using a mtu of 1500. Here is the configuration, we have 2 proxmox connected to a switch : vmbr1 is an ovs bridge with mtu 9000. Bond0 is an ovs bond with mtu 9000, each member of the bond has a mtu of 9000 using pre-up, and is link vmbr1...
  20. A

    Backup Ceph stored VM

    Hello, I would like your advise about a backup solution with Proxmox I work on a proof of concept with Proxmox and Ceph. I’ve create two cluster with pve 5.1 : one cluster of 3 nodes for compute; another cluster of 3 nodes for Ceph. The compute cluster are connected to Ceph cluster with RBD...


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