slow backup

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    Backup Slowdown and Windows VM Corruption Issues after Recent Update

    Hello everyone, I've been running a PVE and a Proxmox PBS server on high-scale machines in OVH's data center flawlessly for the past two years. However, after upgrading both products to their latest versions, I began encountering some peculiar issues with my backups. The first anomaly I noticed...
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    Slow throughput on PBS running as a VM behind a FTTC connection

    I have a locally hosted lab setup consisting of PVE 7.4-15 which in turn is running a VM of PBS 3.0-1 called "backup.local". PVE is also running a few other VMs and LXCs. I have a relatively slow 60mbit/20mbit FTTC connection to my lab. I've tested this and verified that I'm getting close to...
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    I have installed several DELL T40 and DELL R250 servers with PROXMOX and a ZFS RAID1 to host 2 virtual machines, one with WINDOWS SERVER AND SQL SERVER, and another to share files via Windows due to the requirements of the application suite. This means that each server has the following...
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    [SOLVED] Während Backup nach einer Zeit sehr hohe IO-Verzögerung - kein Backup mehr möglich

    Hallo zusammen! Ich habe folgendes Problem, es wurde ein externer Ceph-Datastore (nicht der Ceph der in Proxmox integriert ist) dem PBS hinzugefügt. Der PBS wurde dem Proxmox Cluster hinzugefügt, und die dort ersten manuellen Backups waren erfolgreich und auch in der Geschwindigkeit völlig ok...
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    PBS backups slow from a specific Proxmox server

    I have 3 Proxmox servers which are NOT configured as a cluster, and a PBS. All 4 have access to the network where backup traffic is send. All 4 have 1gbit cards for the network and running iperf across them confirms that im getting around 1gbps. 2 of the Proxmox servers...
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    container backup is slow

    On my Large container the pbs takes 25 hours now. The same contaner with backuppc (incremental, rsync) takes about 90 minutes. Backing up a VM image is fast. (Non-incremental backuppc take 12 - 40 hours.) It seems pbs could use a feature where files with old atime/mtime would be skipped.
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    [Solved] Slow backup speed

    Good day. How to change backup speed? (Virtual Environment 5.2-1) Here is backup log: INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 233 --mode stop --node pve3 --compress gzip --remove 0 --storage Seagate_2TB INFO: Starting Backup of VM 233 (qemu) INFO: status = stopped INFO: update VM 233: -lock...
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    Backup slowing down to a crawl

    I have this problem with a backup one one VM: the backup starts "ok" (not as fast as it could, but reasonable speed) but at some point slows down to almost no progress. Here are two logs: As you can see, there are sometimes "gaps" like in Log 1 between 59% and 60% it took more than 6000...
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    Backup very slow

    Hello, On many cluster (not in the same network) i use Proxmox 3.4 or Proxmox 4.5 and I have very slow backup. I use NFS mount and the I/O performance test say +- 120 MB/s Backup log: INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 133 134 --quiet 1 --mode snapshot --compress lzo --mailnotification...


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