1. L

    Serial console stops working.

    Hello everybody. I'm running Proxmox in its latest and most updated version and I'm migrating my Linux virtual machines to Cloud-init. With everything, I have been experiencing some bugs that I still haven't found a solution or the reason for. When accessing machines through the proxmox...
  2. G

    Connect to serial console VM with same shell as container

    I have several VMs that I've configured with a serial console, however I'm not able to copy/paste into the html5 view like I can on containers. Is there a way to resolve this? Currently I ssh into the VE host and run minicom against the serial socket, but would like to have the webui available.
  3. G

    socat for serial connection between 2 VM's

    Hello I have a setup where we need to connect serial ports of 2 VM's with each other. I have found a solution to add serial sockets to the 2 VM's and connect them via socat: socat UNIX-CLIENT:/var/run/qemu-server/100.serial0 UNIX-CLIENT:/var/run/qemu-server/101.serial1 This has to be active...
  4. D

    Proxmox - Serial number for “disks” incorrect

    Hello all, I recently spun up a server node with a fresh installation of Proxmox however, when I tried to build out a ZFS pool of 10 drives I would get an error. When I sorted by “Serial”, in the GUI, the disk serial numbers are the same between 4 of the drives (highlighted in red). Why is...
  5. I

    Connecting to VM serial port remotely

    Hi all, Long time lurker, first time poster. I've configured a VM and have a virtual serial port attached. Usually I just login to the proxmox interface and utilise the xterm console which works a treat. But I'm curious if it's possible to connect to the virtual serial port over IP via Putty...
  6. Z

    How to set a serial number for a guest VM

    Hello, I would like to use a guest VM with Microsoft Intune for testing. But in order to do this I need to import the VM into Intune and the VM must have a serial number. I have looked on many forums and the only info I could find was a post where it was said to enter "UUID != serial" in...
  7. S

    [SOLVED] USB Serial Device in LXC Container

    I am struggling to get a USB infrared serial device to work with an unprivileged LXC container running TurnKey GNU/Linux 16.1 (Debian 10/Buster). The device is an infrared serial converter - the only relevant info is propably that it uses an FT232 chip. lsusb Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0403:6001...
  8. D

    [SOLVED] Serial on host stops working during boot

    My motherboard has a COM header, so I recently got the equipment I needed to hook it up and manage via serial. However, I'm unable to use serial after the system is booted. The port is at "ttyS0". I set it up in GRUB (note that my setup is serial-only until SSH comes up, the only GPU in the...
  9. S

    Two windows guests communicating via serial console (COMn)

    Hi, My objective is to use one windows guest as a windows 10 kernel debugger (windbg is what i am using), and another one as debuggee (also Windows 10), I can't manage to make this work under (latest, just installed) proxmox. The standard setup is to have COM port of debugger redirected to a...
  10. B

    [SOLVED] How to get Xterm working with Ubuntu VM?

    I've got an Ubuntu server vm running, how do I get the xterm console on the Proxmox GUI to work with it? I've been through and But have not had any luck, any pointers? It...
  11. F

    [SOLVED] How to configure serial / terminal to connect to a VM guest from the PVE host?

    I still have problem to configure networks for my guests VMs: the console (from web) has lots of limtations. So I was hoping I could connect from the host to the guest VM by a simple qm terminal xxx, but I all get is the prompt: starting serial terminal on interface serial0 (press control-O to...
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    Installation over console

    Hi all, I would like some confirmation on whether Proxmox can be installed over a computer with no monitor and instead use the serial port. If you ask why, I have a unit built without IPMI and without graphic I/O. By the look of the grub.cfg file, it seems that it might not be possible with...
  13. D

    [SOLVED] Unable to use Xterm.js

    I have tried to use Xterm.js for all servers yet it is working only for main proxmox nodes. We receive this: unable to find a serial interface Connection to closed.
  14. R

    Request: Serial Terminal logging

    Hello, Recently I have been having issues with one of my VM instances locking up, and am having a hard time diagnosing the cause. Currently the plan is to just run "qm terminal 1**" in a screen session, but this is not the best way as it does not persist across reboots of the hypervisor. With...
  15. D

    No serial connection to KVM

    Hello, I have deployed recently a new KVM machine under proxmox 3. I tried every tutorial to enable serial connections via qm start 100 , this does not work. Any workaround? I also changed the grub and rebooted, still nothing helped.


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