1. V

    [SOLVED] Cluster wide networking management with SDN

    Hi, I just want to know how do you guys manage the networking for big proxmox clusters ? In my case I need to have multiple external networks for my VMs. For that, I create a dedicated vlan on my network switches and then configure a linux vlan interface on top of my linux bond and then add a...
  2. M

    Datacenter Networking

    Hello PVE enthusiast, I am currently administering 4 Proxmox nodes and each one is siloed so there is no direct networking between nodes. the network setup on every node is the same (it's the basic bridged network that i saw in every PVE setup tutorial): These are the linux bridges that i have...
  3. D

    Packet loss issue at VLAN SDN VNet.

    Hello, I have a problem that I'm using VLAN SDN zones and at almost every VNet it looks good. But one VNet has a problem with packet loss (ping between VMs at same VLAN at same / diferrent nodes). I have a stack with 4 nodes, connected via 2x 25Gbps LACP (DACs to nexus 9300 series). This is...
  4. M

    SDN VNet permissions. Invalid ACL path

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to restrict permissions to certain VNets. In the Proxmox API Viewer the ACL paths are listed as /sdn/vnets and /sdn/vnets/{vnet}, but if I try to set these permissions I always get the error 400 Parameter verification failed. path: invalid ACL path '/sdn/vnets'. I'm...
  5. T

    Proxmox 8.0.4 SDN Questions

    Howdy everyone! I have a cluster where we want to use the VXLAN features of the SDN plugin (I know it is an experimental feature and we accept the associated risks). 1. Is there an API endpoint or other automation that others are using for this feature? 2. Are there any issues using SDN with HA?
  6. L

    sdn vxlan zone not propagating arp/any traffic

    Hi, on a up-to-date setup with two nodes, the only difference being the kernel version (because of that i havent found time to bisect) pve-manager/8.0.4/d258a813cfa6b390 (running kernel...
  7. H

    Custom IPAM plugins - NIPAP

    Good day, is there perhaps a template/documentation/examples for implementing a custom IPAM for the ProxMox SDN side? I'm looking at for IPAM as we roll out the next steps of our network, so obviously the question comes in w.r.t. PVE not (yet) supporting...
  8. I

    Multiple Nics and SDN

    hello, I wonder if it is possible to configure SDN for servers with multiple NICs. For example, I've servers with 4x10Gb Nics, I want to configure - two of 10Gb Nics as Guest Network with BGP EVPN enabled. - another two of 10Gb Nics as PVE host management + external Ceph cluster connection...
  9. L

    [SOLVED] SDN broken after underlying network change

    We ran into a very nasty issue a few days ago. Background: Systemd generates ridiculously long interface names (see and referenced here like...
  10. C

    SDN - what do I need?

    This is my current infrastructure: Defined on the Mikrotik are a couple of VLANs for ipmi, proxmox, ceph, and for user networks going across the Mikrotik switch. I have 3 (W)LAN user networks. When a new project is started I need to define a new isolated network and vlan in router and add it...
  11. M

    Integrating Proxmox SDN with existing SDN network

    I've been trying to integrate the Proxmox SDN into an existing vxlan network using IS-IS. This way we'll be able to use the different vnets across multiple clusters as well as bind that to a vlan to attach legacy devices. Our lab setup is using a route-reflector on a spine switch and 2 leaf...
  12. D

    EVPN SDN issues after Upgrade Proxmox VE from 7 to 8

    Hello all, I'm running multiple 3-node clusters, installed Proxmox VE on top of a plain Debian Bullseye (without using the Proxmox VE ISO) on version 7.4-16 with a no-subscription repository and recently I've proceeded and successfully upgrade one 3-node (lab/test) PVE cluster to 8.0.3...
  13. K

    SDN between Nodes to provide an internal network

    I have a 3 node cluster in my home lab. Each Node has a single NIC and all can access the WAN and the physical LAN ok. I'm struggling to set up a VNET or virtual network so that some of the VMs/LXCs can exist on their own separate network but across the nodes. I've installed and configured SDN...
  14. I

    PVE 8.0, reloadnetworkall takes hours to complete

    Hello all, Running SDN with vlans and evpn. Multiple clusters, PVE versions 7.4-15 and 8.0.3, upgraded with no-subscription repository. After upgrading PVE from 7.4 to 8.0 I have noticed that SDN reload process slowed down by factor of ~100 and takes hours to complete. Where should I look to...
  15. J

    removing LXC network fails in PVE 8.0

    I have upgraded about a week ago to PVE 8.0 and haven't messed with my LXC containers after the upgrade, but when I added another interface to an LXC container and try to remove it, I found out that I cannot do that due to an SDN issue? The error I get is: - no sdn vnet ID specified (500) This...
  16. V

    [SOLVED] After upgrade: zone: invalid format - zone ID 'localnetwork' can't be more length than 8 characters

    I have run into an interesting issue after upgrading, I am getting Parameter verification failed. (400) zone: invalid format - zone ID 'localnetwork' can't be more length than 8 characters I have tried rebooting a few times - as suggested in...
  17. A

    [Solved] SDN: zone set to 802.1Q despite the configuration is 802.1AD? (Proxmox 7.4.3)

    This is an install from scratch on two nodes. I can reprodice the issue, multiple times. root@pve02:~# cat /etc/pve/sdn/zones.cfg qinq: q4064 bridge vmbr0 tag 4064 ipam pve vlan-protocol 802.1ad root@pve02:~# cat /etc/pve/sdn/vnets.cfg vnet: v4064 zone...
  18. C

    [SOLVED] EVPN - traffic not passing

    Has anyone had an issue with EVPNs not passing traffic? I created a VNET that is meant to be PtP. I configured an IP address on the associated VM internet (within the same /31) and traffic fails in both directions. ARP isn't being learned. However a 'show interface' within vtysh on both...
  19. R

    SDN - Bug multiple VRFs

    Hello everybody, I noticed a bug when using multiple VRFs. When using the same exit-nodes on different vrfs but the primary is different, there is a deny route-map that is added in the MAP_VTEP_IN route-map for type 5 routes. So if vrf "red" has primary exit-node node 1 and vrf "blue" has...
  20. R

    VXLAN-EVPN External connectivity

    Hello everyone, I configured a zone with multiple vrf with SDN functionality. I defined all nodes in my cluster as exit-nodes. Is it possible to define a primary exit-node per vnet rather than per zone? or to define it on the basis of the subnet? I would actually like to be able to set up SNAT...


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