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    SDN, EVPN bridge port vrfvx_foo does not exist

    I'm trying to setup EVPN in Proxmox using SDN but I think I have a skill issue or something any tips would be appreciated. I've setup the controller, it starts fine and establishes the EVPN, BGP session with my router but when I add a vnet I get the following error error: vrfbr_foo: bridge port...
  2. H

    OVS IntPort equivalent for Linux bridge? (SDN bridges refers)

    I have needs to have multiple IPs/networks on the hypervisors, typically on different VLANs (like backups, corosyncing, ceph,etc. etc.) Having used OVS before, it is/was a charm to do similar, as you just add an OVSIntPort with the VLAN and IPs, and you are done. As the SDN is using Linux...
  3. W

    SDN problems with Netbox as IPAM

    PVE version: 8.2.2 Netbox Version: 4.0.1 Hello, As stated in the title, I'm having issues deploying VMs when they are assigned to an SDN zone that uses Netbox for IPAM. When testing, I'm able to create a zone, vnet, subnet, and dhcp pool just fine and deploy a VM when that zone is set to use...
  4. H

    SDN - connecting PVE host/Ceph to VxLan/EVPN ? (meshed setup)

    Busy FAFOing with this in a totally meshed setup, and the use case is to have Ceph on that SDN created VxLan/EVPN vnets of it's own. Reason to NOT have it on the "public" network, but also to allow VMs (pointing fingers to K8s) that wants direct Ceph storage access on the access network, and in...
  5. I

    Probleme with SDN Vlan

    Hi, I'm trying to create a SDN network on my cluster. Unfortunatly, SDN not working. This is my configuration: On each node I have a vmbr5 with a network node 1 and on node two Configure like doc my interface on my servers debian. But when I try to ping...
  6. M

    SDN problem "error vmbr100"

    I just created my first SDN on my (single) Proxmox Server. The goal was to have manage various networks connected as VLANs to the host in a future Cluster Setup. The VLAN already existed as a tagged Network on all Ports and has a working DHCP and DNS Server (physical Router). What I set up...
  7. C

    SDN - QinQ and MTU?

    I'm trying to configure SDN QinQ in my Proxomx cluster and I am wondering is my configuration correct and is there anything I can do to increase performance. My goal is to have VMs and containers on a default 1500 MTU so I did the following: I have eno1 & eno2 bonded (LACP (802.3ad)) to bond0...
  8. A

    VXLAN & *sense with a cluster

    Hi all, I hope you are doing well. I’ve been researching for an answer or best practices but couldn’t really find a good solution or something straightforward. I have a 4 node cluster made up of small/tiny desktop PCs with each having a single NIC. Each PC connects directly to my home router...
  9. H

    [BUG] Setting gateway on VNET in simple Zone tests for incorrect in-arpa zone.

    If you set a VNET on a "Simple" Zone, it allows you to set a dhcp range. For this to work, it must also have a "gateway" ip set, even if you are not planning on talking out. The "gateway" is the host IP that the dhcp server listens on.. When this is created it tests for the existence of the...
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    Understanding ENUM type in API

    Hello everybody, I'm trying to understand some stuff about the API and I'm struggling using certain API options that are ENUM type... As an example, the subnet "type" option in the SDN field ( Maybe this topic...
  11. R

    Best practice - Migrate existing cluster NW to SDN ?

    This might be a newbie question: I have a five node cluster which I started with Proxmox 7.1 and subsequently updated to the latest 8.1.11 - I have up to now manually configured each node with it's own network settings (different machines & HW) Now that SDN is in full swing, is there a simple...
  12. D

    [SOLVED] [SDN-EVPN] Inter-Node communication stops when adding BGP controller

    Hello i setuped in my homelab a second proxmox cluster and got it working with VXLAN and EVPN-BGP. CTs can ping between the two proxmox cluster members. When i then configure a BGP-Controller via the WebUI and pushing the config, the CT instant can´t ping each other (one on node pve1, one ct...
  13. B

    SDN with Cluster and several services

    Hello Proxmox Community, I'm a long-time lurker, and today I'm the one posting :) I'm trying to set up an SDN (Software-Defined Networking) on a cluster of 2 Proxmox servers to create a high-availability (HA) datastore using OpenMediaVault (OMV) and DRBD (one OMV instance on each Proxmox...
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    [SOLVED] SDN Node IP

    Is there a way to add an IP address on each node for a SDN Vnet? I have two storage VLANs 20 and 30 that I share to both VM's and the physical nodes. I would like to move all my network config to SDN - VLANs but I can't find a way to add IP addresses to the nodes so they can also access those...
  15. H

    PVE8.1 - SDN (problematic) experiences and and other fun with IPv6 configurations

    Good day, I have new set of clusters to be deployed in environments where I do have needs for SDN (vxlan-evpn) and loopback routes for CEPH while preparing for IPv6 only networks. Though I did got it going at one stage (IPv4 only), there are still missing pieces/processes that I'm stumbling on...
  16. J

    Connect Hetzner Cloud Network to SDN Proxmox-Network EVPN-Zone?

    Hello, I would like to connect the Hetzner Cloud Network with an SDN EVPN zone defined in Proxmox. What do I have: Hetzner Cloud Network with Cloudserver. Proxmox 3-node cluster (Ceph, HA, EVPN) functioning vSwitch the dedicated servers (ProxmoxCluster) are connected to the vSwitch. Hetzner...
  17. A

    VTEP Peers

    Is there any place on PVE that we can see Vxlan/VTEP peers? Where to find the multicast groups associated with the VNIs?
  18. F

    trying to set up sdn and hitting an issue

    hi, i am setting up a new sdn vlan zone with 2 vnets, and i am seeing an error on only one of my two nodes, but the error just says, `error vmbr1` and i'm having trouble figuring out how to see what that error is, and how to go about troubleshooting it.
  19. E

    [SOLVED] Moving to an SDN with VLAN configuration

    Feel free to ignore all of this, it turned out to be a lack of bridge configuration on my router. Hi, I have two nodes in a cluster. Both see each other and so do the VMs/CTs. This has been a testing bed and now I'm ready to move on with segmenting the different (future) services. So I'm...
  20. L

    Anyone have a good video tutorial for the new SDN stuff?

    I want to learn SDN and see how I can implament it into my current 4 node proxmox cluster. I've had a look at the proxmox documentation and the information isn't sticking. Just wondering if anyone knows a good youtube video on it that talks about all its features and how to use them.


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