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    [SOLVED] swap ssd with datastore on it

    Hi, Proxmox Backup Server running from an NVME drive ext4 (/dev/nvme0n1) with an additional single SSD as Datastore/backup disk on ZFS (/dev/sdX). I want to replace the SSD in the Proxmox Backup Server. Old SSD is 4TB (overkill), new SSD is 1TB. I replaced the SSD to a new one and created a new...
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    Confused On ZFS Failed Disk Replacement Because Proxmox Created Three Partitions

    Hello everyone, I installed Proxmox (7.2-4) using ZFS (RAID1) and one of the two drives have failed. I thought Proxmox would use both entire disks for the ZFS rpool during the installation but it appears Proxmox created three partitions and included only one partition in the ZFS rpool. With...
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    Replacing a drive in storage zpool

    I had to replace a drive in my storage pool, I did it via the cli, zpool replace tank old-disk new-disk, the only "issue" I have having is how this looks... Will the old disk disappear when the resilvering will be gone? I have only used zfs 0.8.6 when replacing disks and that looks different. So...
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    Replacing drives in Zpool

    Hi all, I currently have 4x 1TB NVMe drives running as a stripped mirror for my VM disk storage. I am in the process of replacing them all for 2TB drives. I'm happy with using the zpool replace command. I have replaced two so far, the second one is just re-silvering now. I currently only have...
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    [SOLVED] Replace SSD Raid 1

    Hello all My proxmox VE version was 6.3-6 and running as member cluster, i set RAID 1 on my node and when i see status SSD on proxmox interface the health was DEGRADED and just detect 1 SSD on Disk Section, so i think one of my ssd was broken (the SN ssd not showed up on disks interface...
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    VMs on ZFS not booting after disk replacing

    Hi, on my Proxmox 6 system I have some ZFS pools, one of this is a raidz1 pool with 6 drives. One drive had a failure prediction on SMART so I replaced it with a new one following the guide at After that...
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    proxmox replacing raid hdds

    Hi, i have right now old two 500gb HDDs (raid 1 setup) and i think later to replace then with two or three ssd as raid 1 also. How i can do it, for system is understand that replaced one for system to mirror and not as a free memory.
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    VE 3.4 boot problem after disk replace

    Hi All, First time poster. I've been running a 3.4 install for several years now(24/7) - without any problems. It's a small NAS box running 4x2TB 3.5 Hard Drives in a Raid10 configuration(single zpool). I recently decided to upgrade drives 3 & 4 to 6tb drives. I had previously successfully...
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    Step by Step Process to Replace Ceph Journal SSD

    Hi all, I have some Ceph Journal SSD's that will likely hit their wear limits sometime during the next quarter. Is there a graceful step-by-step method to swap them out and replace them with new drives before they finally expire? I'd like to have a plan in place and do this with as little...


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