1. L

    Yet another Loading initial ramdisk issue

    Hello proxmox community, it's my first thread here, and unfortunately it's an issue which i can't solve. I've been running a regular debian server for a few years. This have worked for me fine for some time, but due to need to run linux + windows server next to it, and also my lab needs have...
  2. D

    Running PVE nodes from iPXE boot and one-off NFS clone into ramdisk?

    So I am completely aware this would be considered officially unsupported as already installing PVE on top of Debian is, however I basically would like to hear from someone who attempted the same or abandoned doing so and why. The logic behind iPXE booting multiple nodes is ease of management -...
  3. S

    Trying to install PVE on Debian 11 with LUKS-crypt boot volume results in boot hang on "Loading initial ramdisk"

    I've now tried twice, with the process I'm using being a standard install of Debian 11 with an encrypted LVM, then following along the wiki guide to convert this install to PVE. Upon installing the pve-kernel, the system hangs on "loading initial ramdisk" on boot. So far I've tried both the...
  4. F

    Fresh install hangs on loading initial ramdisk.

    Fresh install hangs on loading initial ramdisk. Hello everyone. I am trying to install Proxmox 7.3.1 it is a new computer, Intel i7, Asus B460M-A motherboard, with 32G Ram, HD 1T. When trying to install I see that the equipment literally hangs after " Loading initial ramdisk" appears on the...
  5. R

    [SOLVED] PVE Fails to load past 'Loading initial ramdisk...'

    Hi! This morning my PVE server stopped booting correctly, seems like this happened after a restart or something on its own as it's on a UPS and I never restart it without ensuring it works after. I've followed some other posts on this same issue but none have resolved it. I believe im using...
  6. T

    Stuck at loading initial ramdisk message

    After rebooting my computer to update iommu on, it won't boot past loading initial ramdisk. I've tried to change the iommu back to off and nothing. i5-6600k, 16gb ram, single boot drive nvme and 4 drives in raid10
  7. K

    v7 iso release 2 on hp z400 failed to install at ramdisk

    I wrote to the USB with Rufus using dd mode. I replaced quiet with nomodeset on the 'Linux line in grub I get the echoed output, then two flashes of the cursor in the top left corner, and the screen goes and remains blank (and have waited over 40 minutes) I have also attempted installing...
  8. P

    [SOLVED] PVE Fails to load past 'Loading initial ramdisk...'

    Hi all, Recently my home PVE server has been unable to boot properly, hanging at 'Loading initial ramdisk...'. I've done some searches and followed what information I've been able to find, but as a rather inexperienced linux user, I'm at an impasse. It's been about a year since I set this...
  9. S

    VZdump in tmpfs

    I'm using the suspend mode for my automated backups, but in order to decrease disk writes I would like to have rsync write it's temporary files to a ramdisk (tmpfs). Something like this: in /etc/fstab tmpfs /mnt/ramdisk tmpfs nodev,nosuid,noexec,nodiratime,size=32G 0 0 in...
  10. T

    loading initial ramdisk hang, after reboot

    I have a full pve envirement running with 3 nodes with block storage ceph for HA with packet (bare metal). The cluster was running great. Today i was working on an overlay network and after every change i rebooted the server (call me lazy). After 5 or 6 reboots the serer hang during boot. Packet...
  11. T

    running proxmox in RAM

    Hi there, Is it possible to boot a proxmox installation (installed on a usb stick) and run it in RAM (ramdisk, tmpfs, etc.) like VMware ESXi does? I thought about something like: load from usb create fs in RAM copy from usb to RAM work on fs in RAM write back all content to usb on shutdown...


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