ram utilization

  1. B

    PVE uses 80% of memory

    Hi everyone, I have a server with 2 x 1TB storage - raid 1, 64GB of ram, AMD 5600G CPU. I created 1 VM where i use cPanel with 16 GB ram, and i can see that the PVE host jumped up to 80% (almost 50GB) RAM usage. What can cause this? I went through the forum posts and i see this can be just...
  2. S

    Proxmox host using more memory than sum of vm without using ZFS

    Hello everyone! I post here because i have a problem: in proxmox gui, on my host, i see the RAM usage is bigger than the total of ram by my vms. and, i install balloon device and service for my vms... I see a lot of topic here saying that there is a problem with ZFS, but i dont use ZFS, all my...
  3. R

    Ballooning Ram acting weird

    Whenever I allocate minimum memory to a vm the vm starts to consume all of its ram even when idle but when i check host the host is freeing up ram so ballooning works normal. But the problem is with vm, that when it consumes 98% of ram i cant carry out any work in it since apps crash due to no...
  4. R


    Hello there, i have a 64gb ram server and have 2 vm running on it one has 50gb allocated other has 6gb allocated. Both devices have ballooning enabled and latest stable virtuo driver installed. But in images i have attached, you can clearly see max 7gb being used but my datacenter dashboard...
  5. S

    vm using more ram than alloted

    Hi i have proxmox node and one of vm using more ram than alloted i have allot 10gb ram but in htop process show more when i stop and start machine show accurate but after few days again show more ram usage
  6. P

    Windows 95% RAM usage

    Hello, I have a windows 11 VM and for some reason it uses + 95% of the selected RAM, is there any way to limit it? Thank you PS: If I create an ubuntu VM it doesn't use as much RAM, why?
  7. D

    Windows VM RAM usage

    Hi Guys! ive got a wierd problem... ive updated proxmox on the latest version since i needed support for my Windows Server2022 ive followed the guide to make it work and its been great for a while... some day, ive installed Datto RMM and since my VM's RAM Usage got crazy (90%+ 24/7) ive tried...
  8. N

    Guests are stopping on data transfer (scp)

    Dear all I have an issue when copying large chunks of data from one virtual machine to another. The RAMs on the source and target machines are filling-up until, disk I/O increases until the whole host system freezes. Swapping however seems to be decent. The hosts are on different SATA discs...
  9. P

    [SOLVED] ZFS Backup and Restore massively fill RAM and eventually SWAP with ZST compression

    Hello, recently I noticed a problem with ZFS and creating compressed backups (ZST compression) on the latest Proxmox VE 6.3-6. Every time I create a backup, my entire RAM + some SWAP (64 GB DDR4 + 32 GB SWAP) quickly fill up. This RAM won't (!) free up after the process has finished and will...
  10. Dunuin

    Win10 VM wrong RAM utilization shown in GUI

    Hi, I think the GUI shows the wrong RAM utilization for my Win10 VM (v1909). Proxmox 6.3 is updated to the latest version and I installed the kvm guest agent. Right after starting the VM the GUI shows a RAM utilization of 90%+ but Windows shows me a way lower utilization: KSM is enabled...


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