1. I

    The problem with RAIDZ or why you probably won't get the storage efficiency you think you will get

    I wrote something down on Github and would love to hear your feedback. The problem with RAIDZ or why you probably won't get the storage efficiency you think you will get. Work in progress, probably contains errors! As a ZFS rookie, I struggled a fair bit to find out what settings I should use...
  2. J

    How to configure ZFS, 3 drives total - 2 + 1 hot spare

    Hello, I am quite new to proxmox, but enjoying it so far. I currently have 3, 2TB SATA hard drives, and I'm trying to set them up in proxmox to be in a RAID where there are 2 main drives with 1 as a hot spare, so if 1 drive fails the hot spare will replace it until I get a new drive. So this...
  3. H

    (beginner) NVMe drive setup: will I be stupid?

    Hey there! I'm starting to upgrade my home server and want to start using proxmox to seperate my concerns, those being: - Photo backup using immich - DDNS & nginx web server - Paperless & Obsidian - Home Assistant AFAIK, its quite important to start out with the correct number of drives; as I...
  4. D

    Raidz0 configuration

    Hey all, hopefully a quick answer. I am looking to get 3 SSD's into raidz0, this will be a vm pool to reduce the ridiculous io delay I have now. I do have a solid redundancy strategy and backup system already in place. Would someone be able to point me to the cli commands or gui setup to make...
  5. T

    Filesystem: ZFS (RAID1) vs ZFS (RAIDZ-1)

    TL;DR ZFS RAID1 vs RAIDZ-1? Hello comrades, After a long trip with Proxmox 6 its time to move on to 7 now. Trying a new clean install i found the BTRFS implementation (not interested for now) and an old intrigue that I could never answer. -Why on the Filesystem options i get options like ZFS...
  6. A

    Cannot import rpool "INVALID EXCHANGE"

    Hello everyone, I installed proxmox on a dell R710; everything fine, unless one day after reboot the OS doesn't start and It stays on INITRAMFS; The error is: "CANNOT IMPORT RPOOL INTERNAL ERROR: INVALID EXCHANGE" I tried to manually import 'rpool', following some guides on this forum, but I...
  7. F

    Advise for raid ZFS data

    Hello, I would like some advice for my data raid. I have a Proxmox with 4 SSD 2TB for data. (64Go ram, Intel Xeon 3.7GHz 8 core) On this data raid I would like to put several Windows and Linux VMs. The but is : fast raid and the security of being able to lose 1 disc I started by doing a...
  8. S

    How to do disk mirroring on already running system?

    Greetings, I made a poo poo when installing my server, forgot to turn on mirror on two nvme system drives. Somehow Proxmox GUi shows 100gb of HD space(root). How do I check on which partition OS is installed? I guess its on /dev/nvme0n1p3.. How do I extend this partition to full remaining...
  9. R

    Gesamter Speicherverbrauch unter RAID-Z via Kommandozeile abrufen?

    Hallo, wie kann ich analog zum Proxmox-Webinterface den gesamten Festplattenspeicherverbrauch des Hypervisors via Kommandozeile abrufen? Eine Abfrage wie # df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on udev 7.6G 0 7.6G 0% /dev tmpfs 1.6G 9.2M 1.6G...


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