1. L

    Does cronjob work when quorum is not available?

    Hello, I have a three node cluster (n1, n2, n3). n1 and n3 are always running, n2 is kind of a cold standby. I just wrote a short script, where n1 or n3 are powering n2 on, when each other node is not available. It's my intention to have a valid quorum (2 of 3). The script works perfectly when...
  2. I

    [SOLVED] corosync questions - edit voting values

    i want to add few more servers, how i can change the voting of each server? how i can change the minimal quorum value ?
  3. D

    PVE quorum on cluster

    Hi, Basically what I want to achieve is having 2 node cluster with offsite backups for redundancy. In case of node 1 failing, I will restore backups on node 2 and proceed using it. The problem is Quorum on node 2 when node 1 is dead - node 2 does not have a quorum and therefore cannot start...
  4. I

    proxmox cluster quorum config

    i have 10 node cluster, and i want to do the following quorum setup: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 51% of all nodes and at least one of (4,5,6) how it can be done?
  5. J

    Quorum Activity blocked

    Hi there, We have a proxmox cluster, with each node in the same subnet. The cluster contained 3 hosts and everything worked as it should in the last years. Recently we wanted to add a new host to the cluster. This host is also in the same subnet, nothing changed in the network confugration...
  6. Y

    Change Cluster Quorum

    Hello, i'm testing a 5 nodes cluster without HA, i need only replication and unified web interface. I would like to preservethe quorum and so not to have the shutdown of all not quorate VM although more than half of the servers dies. So my question is, can i modify the expected quorum on all...
  7. Y

    Dubt on Cluster Quorum

    Hello, i have a 6 nodes cluster. If i shut down 3 Nodes, replication stop working with message NO Quorum but i hav 3 survivors nodes. I thought the minimum number of nodes to have a quorum was 3 .. and so why don't I have a quorum if I die 3 knots out of 6? Thanks!
  8. M

    Replacing PVE node in cluster, new node loses quorum

    Hi, We're having some problems replacing a PVE node in a cluster. These are the steps we've taken so far: Turn off pve03 (out of 3). From pve01, remove pve03 from the cluster with: pvecm delnode pve03 Unrack the hardware. Mount a new server to become the new pve03. Perform clean install of...
  9. Y

    Cluster without quorum, Nodes doas't join the cluster

    Hello, i hav 3 nodes cluster, this morning VPS are UP but the cluster status was down, no quorum. i have rebooted 2 of 3 nodes ( the nodes without vps ) but not solved.. LAN is ok and hostname /etc/host is ok. I hav also tried to reboot services on all 3 nodes: systemctl restart pve-cluster...
  10. T

    How 4 nodes cluster vm are still running when 2 nodes

    Hello, I have 4 nodes cluster with the same server specifications. when 2 nodes die, 2 other nodes are still running (after restarting themselves) but the vm does not run, with the statement "waiting for quorum". is there a way that when 2 nodes die can be handled by 2 other nodes so that vm...
  11. L

    No quorum

    Hi, i have three servers on collacation. Trying to get a cluster. Administrators of the collacation say that multicast is enabled in network and check it. But command omping -c 10000 -i 0.001 -F -q says "waiting for response msg" all time command is runing. What can i check...
  12. K

    Proxmox Cluster Over Pfsense Ovpn

    Hoping someone would be able to assist, I'm trying to configure a 3 node cluster, 2 nodes on the same physical network, and another node remotely. this other node sits behind a Pfsense firewall that has a site-to-site vpn connection to my pfsense router. i'm able to cluster the first two...
  13. P

    Unable to create VM in the second node

    Hi, I have a fresh setup of Proxmox VE 4.2-15 cluster with two nodes running, Proxmox01 and Proxmox02. Using Proxmox01's UI as my management UI, I'm able to deploy and setup a VM on Proxmox01 with no sweat. However, I'm having an issue deploying a VM in Proxmox02 (using Proxmox01's UI). I was...


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