1. C

    Anfängerfragen zur Hochverfügbarkeit

    Hallo, ich habe bisher Proxmox auf einem gebrauchten HP ProDesk laufen mit ioBroker und Home Assistant. Läuft alles super. Proxmox VE 8.2.2. Ich möchte mich nun mal mehr mit der Hochverfügbarkeit beschäftigen. Ich habe noch einen Raspberry Pi 4 rumliegen, den würde ich als QDevice nehmen...
  2. D

    Two node setup grey question marks everywhere error

    Hi there So I have two physical devices. Both are running Proxmox Virtual Environment Hypervisor. But only one node is up 99% of the time. I decided to have two installations of Proxmox VE and not Proxmox VE and Proxmox Backup Server, because I wanted to be able to do maintenance work or try...
  3. B

    Suggesting a patch for pvecm? (adding qdevice when nodes are odd, but votes are even)

    Hi all, First off: I'm new to proxmox, and I only use this is a "homelab" setting. Proxmox (the software), this forum and it's members is a true gem, so big thanks all around! I just finished setting up a cluster with 3 nodes, where 2 of the nodes are expected to be on and off intermittently...
  4. L

    qdevice on Synology DS218? (no apt-get, no docker)

    Hello there, I'm pretty new here, but been playing with proxmox for 3 months now. I have 2 nodes and want to give my NAS a more respectable life purpose -- quorum device to achieve HA. Any directions on running a qdevice on my Synology? There's little documentation online on how to run it in a...
  5. B

    How to run a QDevice in Docker

    I'm looking into running a QDevice for my proxmox cluster within docker on my Synology nas. I've never used docker before so this is still new to me. I've downloaded a few "images' from the registry but while I can get at least one of them to build and run I can't seem to connect to it. I'm...
  6. E

    QDevice w/odd # nodes - docs discourage from perfectly safe setup?

    There's a great deal of misleading piece of argument to be found in currently official PVE docs on QDevices [1] and then some conscious effort to take it even further. Under "Supported setups" [1] the following is advised (emphasis mine): It continues to provide an absurd piece of reasoning...
  7. E

    Why is QDevice setup by PVE backwards?

    The pvecm qdevice setup requires an ssh connection to the QD, which is not there for "casting votes". As QDs are meant to be run externally, why is this not the other (natural) way around, i.e. generating script for one to execute on the QD, possibly provide the feature (as a perk) by calling...
  8. S

    pvecm qdevice Issues - Peer does not recognize and trust the CA that issued your certificate.

    Hey all, I just recently reconfigured my qdevice (I'm running a two-node setup with an external qdevice, per https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Cluster_Manager#_corosync_external_vote_support). root@ff-pve02:~# pveversion -v proxmox-ve: 7.4-1 (running kernel: 5.15.107-2-pve) pve-manager: 7.4-4...
  9. K

    [SOLVED] PVE 2 node cluster with qDevice, adding a third node

    I have just set up a 2 node with qdevice cluster in my lab here and all seems to be wokring ok. I'd like to add a third node to the cluster. 1. Should I turn off the qDevice BEFORE adding the new mode and as long as theres 3 nodes I don't need it to run any more? 2. Should I configure the...
  10. R

    Designing a Proxmox HA cluster with 4 nodes on 2 remote sites - Quorum and impact

    Hello, we're planning to migrate our VMware infrastructure to a PROXMOX cluster in the next few weeks, and would like to take advantage of the zero licensing costs to create an HA cluster with shared, redundant storage on two sites. We have 2 datacenters on 2 different sites with a latency of...
  11. M

    [SOLVED] Issue with qdevice installation after adding nodes to the cluster with existing qdevice

    Hi, I am running a two node cluster with qdevice. I want to replace the existing servers by 2 new ones so I added the 2 new machines to the cluster to migrate the CTs/VMs and to remove the existing ones afterwards. I noticed that the qdevice wasn't shown in the pvecm status of the new servers...
  12. S

    Is it possible to configure the same qdevice as a quorum device for 2 different clusters?

    Hi! So I have a host (a PBS) acting as a Qdevice which votes for a cluster. Does someone know if it's possible to use the same host for voting in another cluster? Thanks in advance! Best, Salva
  13. F

    qdevice and multiple setups

    Hi. Can I have multiple HA-Clusters and one qdevice for all ?. Or two qdevices for 10 clusters for example.
  14. S

    corosync-qnetd.service does not start

    Hi all, I have a four node cluster up and running. Now I tried to add a qdevice that runns inside a docker container on a Synology NAS. The containerized qdevice was successfully added to the cluster but gives no vote. I can ssh into the device from any node and vice versa without any...
  15. A

    [SOLVED] qdevice setup always fails with "Certificate database doesn't exist"

    I recently rebuilt my proxmox cluster. I have 2 proxmox nodes, and this time I am using a raspberry pi as the qnetd server. I followed the guide. For the purposes of this post, I am going to use these names: 1st proxmox node: NODE1 2nd proxmox node: NODE2 cluster name: CLUSTER As soon as I...
  16. A

    Qdevice for Non-HA cluster?

    So I'm pretty sure I know the answer. I'm building a very small cluster for now. Two nodes. One hosts the NAS and SAN and a few other 'infrastrcture-y' things. The other hosts most of the VMs that I want to boot *from* the SAN. I can manually migrate them from the service node to the infra...
  17. C

    Added new host without disabling qdevice, now can't remove the qdevice

    Hi folks. I have a Proxmox cluster that I've had up for a while now, consisting of two nodes and a pi running as a QDevice. I recently aquired a new server so added that as a cluster node without realising that I was supposed to remove the qdevice first. I now have a cluster with a qdevice that...
  18. S

    QDevice hinzufügen nicht möglich

    Hallo, ich kann aktuell kein QDevice hinzufügen. Beim Zertifikatrequest bricht er mit folgender Fehlermeldung ab: INFO: generating cert request command 'corosync-qdevice-net-certutil -r -n hks' failed: open3: exec of corosync-qdevice-net-certutil -r -n hks failed: No such file or directory at...
  19. L

    Qdevice is not voting

    Hello guys, I have a problem with my Qdevice. If I type "pvemc status", my first node give the following result: root@pve1:~# pvecm status Cluster information ------------------- Name: server Config Version: 7 Transport: knet Secure auth: on Quorum information...
  20. B

    Last man standing

    Hi I would like to set up a cluster with 4, max. 5 Nodes. The catch is that during most times only one or two nodes will be running. In my attempts so far I had often had problems with not having quorum even when using a qdevice. The reason for the cluster is that if I need the extra power I...


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