python 3

  1. M

    [SOLVED] apt-get upgrade isn't working

    Hi, I am not an administrator but using Proxmox to run some VMs as lab. I have the latest version PVE 8.2.4, From the web I was routinely updating the system but apt-get upgrade interrupted because of Power outage . Once the power is restored I tried apt-get upgrade once again but there is a...
  2. R

    How to clone with a proxmoxer VM from one node to the other node with a new name

    Hey guys, I have been looking for a way to clone a VM from one node to another with a proxmoxer library in Python, I have managed to set a connection to promox cluster. However, I have not found any way so far to clone the VMs, here is the code I have so far: def connect_proxmox(dc):proxmox =...
  3. R

    401 Unauthorized when trying to use Proxmox API in Python to clone VM

    Hey, I'm trying to clone VM from one node to the other node, using the following code in Python: data = {"name": "censored", # Name for the new cloned virtual machine "target": "censored2", # The target node where the clone will be created (target_node) } headers = { "Content-Type"...
  4. K

    Migration script from oVirt/RHEV to Proxmox

    Hi, I successfully managed to migrate 200+ Linux VMs from oVirt/RHEV to Proxmox by utilizing oVirt and Proxmox APIs. I thought that i share the script since i guess that others are in the same situation as myself. Script does no changes to the oVirt environment more than initiate shutdown of...
  5. T

    Proxmox API – clone and start VM

    Hi, I'd like to automate the use of proxmox. I care about copying and starting the VM. I was able to achieve this with the CLI with the command: Pvesh create /nodes/pve/quemu/100/clone –newid 102 Do you know how this can be achieved using the API? I tried POST...
  6. hoffmn01

    [SOLVED] undefined symbol: rados_mgr_command_target

    Hello, We have a three node cluster that has been working for some month now. Today I rebooted one node because of updates and now we are no longer able to access ceph: Do you have any recommendation how to solve this? We already tried to reinstall the packages for python rados. Thank you and...
  7. P

    [SOLVED] My install has destroyed Perl and prossibly Python

    I checked on my server today and could not access the web GUI which sparked concern. I SSHed in and tried to run sudo pveproxy restart but was greeted with some error similar to this (this specific error was pulled from the syslog) I checked out the file that looked to be the issue...
  8. Y

    [SOLVED] Connect to VM by vnc/spice

    Hi, I want to connect to my machine (currently PROXMOX on VM on my computer) through external VNC and not what's on the site. When I send the following command to the REST API:{node}/qemu/{vmid}/vncproxy I receive the following information...
  9. D

    Updating Python from 2.x to 3.x in Proxmox VE 6.1-7

    Hi all, I am currently running Proxmox VE 6.1-7 ( Linux proxmox1 5.3.18-2-pve #1 SMP PVE 5.3.18-2 ) which includes Python 2.7.16. As I also run Zabbix 4.x as a monitoriting tool in my environment (in a VM) I would also like to monitory my Proxmox hosts. I stumbled upon this article/solution...


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