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    cpu spikes caused by pvesr / pvesm

    Hi everyone, since installing the latest updates (see below), my fans speed up every 15 minutes for some seconds. This did not happen before. Using atop, I found <pvesr> and <pvesm> to be the cause, as they briefly bump CPU usage from a 2% average to more than 60%. It's not a big deal for me...
  2. C

    disable mail notifications for pvesr

    Hello everyone, we would like to disable the mail notifications/alarms for the storage replication because we are about to roll our own monitoring. Is there any way to disable these mails ? The other mails (zfs status, available updates, ...) should still be delivered. It seems that there was...
  3. N

    pvesr.service starting every minute

    Running latest proxmox, everyting looks like its working, but I noticed that on all 16 hosts pvesr.service is starting every minute. syslog:Dec 28 18:35:00 virt0 systemd[1]: pvesr.service: Succeeded. syslog:Dec 28 18:36:00 virt0 systemd[1]: pvesr.service: Succeeded. syslog:Dec 28 18:37:00 virt0...
  4. D

    Operational issues with ZFS and pvesr

    Ever since Proxmox 6 came out, we moved towards using Proxmox with ZFS across all physical servers. That is because with the new corosync, we don't need to have multicast traffic between those servers. We have successfully virtualized servers that were previously on bare metal and even started...
  5. J

    Failed to start Proxmox VE replication runner

    Hi all I have a three node cluster. In the web gui of node1 and node2, node3 is shown as offline, while the web gui of node3 shows node1 and node2 offline. daemon.log of node3: Jan 8 11:49:00 drax systemd[1]: Starting Proxmox VE replication runner... Jan 8 11:49:02 drax pvesr[12250]: trying...
  6. C

    command '/usr/bin/lxc-freeze -n 129' failed: exit code 1

    Hello, We have some issue where pvesr sometime generate errors like: command '/usr/bin/lxc-freeze -n 129' failed: exit code 1 The replication job fail but then on the next run it works fine. This seems to be happening at any hours of the day with no correlation with things like our backups for...
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    [SOLVED] Request: Disable all replication jobs at once

    Hello, Just a simple request. Would it be possible to either have a button or a parameter for pvesr to disable all replication jobs instead of manually having to select each job and disable it. This would be especially useful when needing to reboot a slave node to prevent all the replication...
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    PVESR - Volume already exist

    Hello, I've recently setup 2 nodes (5.1). 1 Being a master that use PVESR to replicate the the other slave node. Everything worked for a week but now one KVM out of the bunch won't replicate onto the slave node. I'm getting an error that the volume already exist but to my understanding it's...
  9. M

    missing replicate feature on volume 'local-lvm:vm-1001-disk-1' (500)

    Hi, rookie here so please excuse me if the question is too obvious. I had setup my little farm of servers (3) and they were working fine during the test but when I was getting ready to start deployment, Proxmox 5 showed up, so I scratched the whole thing and started from anew. Now I have the...


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