1. D

    pvesm cifs permissions

    I have a few shares setup now and I thought everything was working well until I tried to write to a share. I'm getting a permission denied. I've tried creating the vault folder in the LXC before adding in the mount point to the container too. pvesm add cifs vault --server --share...
  2. D

    pvesm share name with a space

    So, I've got a space in my share name. Ya. I know. Not good ;( I can't change it now as their are over 50 computers connected to the server all mapped and probably hundreds of lines of code in various programs/settings/environments with that share name. How do I add this SMB share with the...
  3. N

    cpu spikes caused by pvesr / pvesm

    Hi everyone, since installing the latest updates (see below), my fans speed up every 15 minutes for some seconds. This did not happen before. Using atop, I found <pvesr> and <pvesm> to be the cause, as they briefly bump CPU usage from a 2% average to more than 60%. It's not a big deal for me...
  4. E

    How does "pvesm alloc" work?

    I'd like to use `pvesm alloc` but not matter what kind of filename I use is always returns the same error: root@host:~# pvesm alloc hdd_raid10_data01 100 foo 100G unable to parse volume filename 'foo' How is this tool supposed to work?
  5. W

    Review My ZFS & Proxmox Storage Commands For Problems Or Optimizations Please

    I'm going to be creating 4 types of ZFS data stores and I'm wondering if someone more experienced could let me know if these commands look good. I've also included the Proxmox storage commands to add it properly to the Proxmox system. Any tips or issues with the below commands would be...
  6. DerDanilo

    PBS integration security

    Just tested PBS PVE integration and was wondering if it will be possible to use "username + ssh key/client cert based authentication" instead of "username + password". Passwords are currently stored in clear text files within the pve configuration folder. I feel uncomfortable using password when...
  7. V

    Pvestatd won't work after deleting a lvm

    Hello, I need some help please. Today after deleting a volume from a storage array, and later the lvm from proxmox, the service pvestatd isn't working. If I enter to the web gui, I see everything greyed with question marks. When I restart the service pvestatd it works for a minute, but later...
  8. Dexogen

    PVESM got timeout 6.1

    Hi, There are 18 nodes in our cluster. During the upgrade from version 5.4 to 6.1-7, there was a problem with a timeout. For any operations with storage lists, a delay of up to 30 seconds occurs. But after a while the list is loading (see screenshot). Moreover, there are no problems on the old...
  9. A

    Problems mounting a CIFS storage

    Hi Eveyrone. I have a NAS Lacie Cloudbox whit CIFS. And Proxmox 5.4. When execute pvesm cifsscan <ip> it's show the shared folders. But when i try to connect with: pvesm add cifs Prueba --server --share Family --username admin --password <password> --smbversion 2.1 or pvesm add cifs...
  10. G

    Problem setting pvesm shared

    Greeting I can't figure out how to set/unset the flag parameter with pvesm: # pvesm set POOL --shared 1 (ok, the word "shared" with nothing behind is added to storage.cfg) # pvesm set POOL --shared 0 file /etc/pve/storage.cfg line 2 (section 'POOL') - unable to parse value of 'shared'...
  11. A

    get nodes/$node/storage showing 0 byte for ceph pool

    I have this intermittent problem with storage returning 0 values for a specific rbd pool. Its only happening on one cluster, and there doesnt seem to be a corrolation to which node context is being called...
  12. F

    No storage options on node 1 - pvesm hangs

    Hello, I had a single proxmox 5.2 node and all was fine... I created some machines... perfect... Then I added a second node, enabled cluster mode, and all seems fine also... Both nodes seem available on the web interface, and I created more machines on node 2... Now I was going to create a...


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