1. F

    [SOLVED] Can't login to webui: Network error or Proxmox VE services not running?

    Hi, after rebooting my main node I've been unable to login to the webui, i get "Network error or Proxmox VE services not running?". I've checked other threads here and have followed them to no avail. My setup consists of two nodes. I can login to the secondary node, but nothing shows and i get...
  2. C

    Upgrade to Pve6 - multipath error - "Device or resource busy"

    hello world, I had a Promox 5 cluster with 3 SAN storage bays. When i tried an upgrade to pve 6, one of the bays was no longer visible under multipath :-( So to take no risk on my existing infrastructure, I decided to create a new proxmox 6 cluster from scratch. (iso 6.2-1) I installed 3...
  3. Vanderhorn

    Proxmox VE 6 CEPH renew failure

    We have a cluster of four almost identical servers: - CPU E5-2620v4@2.10GHz (2x16core) - RAM 128, 128, 256, 256 GB - 4x NIC 10Gb, 2x1Gb - 2x SSD 400GB (PVE) - 6x SSD 1TB (VM's on CEPH) - 8x HDD 1TB (backup, misc) The first server has PVE5 (will get a fresh PVE6 soon), the others have PVE6...
  4. N

    Replace/Clone cluster node SATA SSD to NVMe?

    Hi, I’m thinking of replacing the single SATA SSD (500GB Samsung 860 Evo) disk in one of my PVE6 cluster nodes with a 500GB Samsung 970 Evo Plus NVMe disk... Should this simply be a case of using clonezilla to clone the SATA SSD to the NVMe and then booting PVE6 from the NVMe or would there...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] PVE 6.0.x doesn't load kvm_amd (EYPC 7551)

    Please advise as I need to get production up and running again. Should I just revert back to the PVE 5.x version? Had to R&R due to no backups and a hardware failure. Upgraded/installed PVE6.0.1 on EYPC 7551 but it's not loading the virtualization module and manually doesn't seem to cut it...
  6. R

    [SOLVED] Broken GPU passthru after PVE Upgrade (5.4 -> 6.0)

    Hi, I've been successfully using GPU passthru to a Windows 10 VM with PVE 5.x. No problems at that point. But some days ago I upgraded from PVE 5.4 to PVE 6.0 and now the VM doesn't manage to start Win10 OS. The exact behaviour when I start the VM is that I see Proxmox's UEFI splash image (in...
  7. D

    Monitoring Backup job

    Hallo, wir haben einen Backup job eingerichtet der alle VMs einmal in der Woche sichert. Falls ein Job fehl schlägt gibt es ja eine notification per email. Gibt es noch andere Möglichkeiten sich über Fehler beim Backup informieren zu lassen? Was ich bisher gefunden hatte ist das es sich nicht...
  8. D

    No OSD showed in Gui

    Since PvE6 there is no OSD showed in the Gui when we have racks configured in Ceph. Is this an expected behavior? When I remove the rack I´ll see the OSDs in the Gui again.
  9. A

    PVE6.0-5: Corosync3 segvaults randomly on nodes

    Hey guys, we updated from PVE5 to PVE6 recently and noticed that nodes on our 4-node cluster leave randomly. Checking pvecm status states that CMAP cannot be initialized, so I had a look at corosync on the failed node only to learn that it obviously segfaulted. This happened on 3 of 4 cluster...
  10. L

    [SOLVED] PVE 6: Duplicate monitors and managers in ceph overview

    Hey, I've a fresh proxmox 6.0.5 cluster installation with no changes beside cluster creation, installation of ceph (via gui), and the addition of two more monitors and managers (also via gui). The list under Ceph -> Monitor seems correct but in the overview every monitor and manager has a...
  11. M

    PVE6 sporadic deadlock

    After the update to PVE6 every once in a while it seems like some IO causes a deadlock while running backups and then anything calling sync (like every container that shuts down or reboots afterwards) also gets stuck in unkillable sleep waiting for the original deadlock. Both times this has come...
  12. GarrettB

    [SOLVED] No boot when using GPU passthrough settings PVE6

    Regarding problems with GPU passthrough, would the setting of pc-q35-3.1 on a VM affect the booting of the host, when the VM is not set to boot? I could not get the host system to boot, and ended up commenting out all of the "modules" files entry, the modprobe.d conf files regarding video...
  13. N

    [SOLVED] Enabling IOMMU on PVE6 (zfs) compared to PVE5.4 (ext4)?

    Hi All, I did a clean install from Proxmox 5.4 (using single disk ext4) to Proxmox 6 (using single disk zfs) and notice that I don’t seem to be able to get IOMMU enabled under PVE6? I followed the following instructions (as I had with PVE5.4) but suspect that because I’m not booting zfs, it’s...
  14. N

    Upgrade cluster node to Proxmox 6 (re-install) when already part of Proxmox 5.4 cluster?

    Hi, I currently have a Proxmox 5.4 homelab cluster (2 nodes + external qdevice) and plan to rebuild the cluster as Proxmox 6 via a complete re-install of each Node (since I want to move the underlying local storage to ZFS on UEFI). I’ve read the PVE6 upgrade guide...
  15. M

    Estimate for Debian Buster and PVE 6

    Now that Debian has finally announced a release date for Buster, how much work remains before we get PVE 6 and more importantly Ceph Nautilus? Is the first release going to include any substantial changes to ProxMox itself or mostly just upgrading everything to Debian Buster? Given how long...


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