pve 5.2

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    Unstable cluster

    Hi. I have a three nodes Proxmox cluster with Proxmox 5.2. Expecially one node is failing without any apparent reason and it appears red on the web console. If I recreate the cluster from scratch every machines are green for about 30 minutes, then some nodes become red randomly: PVE version...
  2. E

    [SOLVED] SPICE I/O Time Out Behind NGINX Proxy

    My reverse proxy seems to be blocking my SPICE connection attempts to my ProxMox host. I can connect fine if I connect to the ProxMox local IP, but not if I try to use the FQDN that passes through my reverse proxy. Trying to connect through my reverse proxy gives the following error: Could not...
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    [Ceph] unable to run OSDs

    My apologies in advance for the length of this post! During a new hardware install, our Ceph node/server is: Dell PowerEdge R7415: 1x AMD EPYC 7251 8-Core Processor 128GB RAM HBA330 disk controller (LSI/Broadcom SAS3008, running FW in IT mode) 4x Toshiba THNSF8200CCS 200GB...
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    VM/Containers not running after removing bad OSD

    Hi Everyone, I'm in a bit of a situation here. We identified a bad drive (but still running) and decided we needed to remove it. Therefore we followed these instructions believing that it would work without a hitch and all our containers/vms would continue to run. Unfortunately, not the case...
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    PVE randomly restarting

    Hello everybody, I've been running PVE on a local server for 2 month. Don't know why the system restarts daily. Tried to solve with a fresh installation but getting same reboot every day. I've checked the logs but couldn't find an obvious reason for the reboots. Detailed info: verbose...
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    PVE 5.2 on ZFS, use as plain disk only?

    I got a freshly installed host under PVE 5.2 on two HDDs which are set up as ZFS RAID1. I used to use plain filesystem to store VMs disks so I have no plans to use rpool/data pool, so what if I remove its definition from storage.conf? I can then mount this pool (or delete it and create another...
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    Cluster and https certs

    Looks like I found well-known mislogic which I wasn't aware of: I set up several hardware nodes independently on PVE 5.2, put it into DNS (let me call it host01.mydomain.com, host02.mydomain.com etc. for the example purpose) and even got LE certs to access it over https without warnings. That...
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    PVE 5: VM on mounted zfs?

    In PVE 5.2 I can add say couple of HDDs as ZFS based mirror. Then the ZFS pool can me added as storage. But ZFS pool can be as well mounted as general disk. But say I added this way the ZFS pool as storage or added it as dir storage. How is the pros or contras to do both options? ZFS pool...
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    LXC Hostname PVE Config not working

    Hey guys, I've encountered an issue with setting host names on LXC containers. When I set a hostname on creation for LXC, it doesn't correctly push over the config. I can also not manually set it! (well, i can. but it is lost on reboot) Check the screenshots. Anyone has any clue? please let me...
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    PVE 5.2 / Broken Graphs?

    I am getting broken graphs on all of my graphs for all of my instances and hosts? See the attached graph. I am running the very latest version. pve-manager/5.2-2/b1d1c7f4 (running kernel: 4.15.17-2-pve) What would cause the Graphs to be broken?
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    [SOLVED] PVE 5.2 - W2K3 R2 x64 idle 100% CPU

    Last week I migrated a VM from XEN to Proxmox. When the VM is idle for two hours, the CPU consumption goes up to 100%. Login and return to normal for a while. strace for 7 minutes. I have two Proxmox 5.2 (one intel and another amd) and in both the same thing happens. Same behavior. I have...
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    PVE 5.2: netlink: 'ovs-vswitchd': attribute type 5 has an invalid length.

    After dist-upgrading one of my cluster nodes to PVE 5.2 the following messages started to show up in the syslog/dmesg: I think this message has something to do with the new kernel version 4.15
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    Reactivation software after upgrade to Proxmox 5.2 qemu 2.11

    Hi all, I'm faced with reactivation software 1C. After upgrade from version 5.1-44 to 5.2-1 guest VM windows server 2008 r2 has changed a little. And software detected this change. Current proxmox version: Detected os changes, was: Get new report of software: So changed something not...


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