pve 4.2

  1. S

    [SOLVED] About VM backup size

    I had a large Centos VM (32Gb) and to reduce the size of the backup I add a disk on my ceph storage with backup set to 0 (I toggle the no backup button and use a remote backuppc server for this area) and move all the data to this new storage (/dev/vdb). It remain less than 3GB on /dev/vda. But...
  2. N

    [SOLVED] PVE v4.4 OpenVPN apparmor DENIED

    PVE: 4.4 Image: Ubuntu 16.10 I'm following the tutorial for setting up OpenVPN, here: https://hungred.com/how-to/setup-openvpn-on-proxmox-lxc/. This worked just fine in PVE 4.2, and have set up 3 OpenVPN servers this way, but it no loger seems to work in PVE 4.4 I've added to...
  3. J

    PVE 4.2 VLAN with eth1

    I have PVE 4.2 installed on a mac mini with two ethernet interfaces. Eth0 (vmbr0) is for management. I would like to use eth1 for my VMs to share using VLANs. (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10672445/ProxMox/PVE-Networking.tiff) I have created vmbr100 and vmbr110...
  4. S

    Proxmox 4.2 Failover

    Hallo, ich bin neu bei Proxmox und "spiele" damit gerade etwas rum. Ich habe mir ein HA Proxmox bestehend aus zwei identischen Nodes aufgebaut. Die VMs liegen auf einem shared Storage, der mittels (replicated) GlusterFS zur Verfügung gestellt wird und ebenfalls über zwei Nodes verteilt wird...
  5. R

    GPU passthrough error

    Hi, I have fallowed all the steps from Proxmox GPU Passthrough wiki. Intel iommu is on and modules loaded. My configuration: - Fujitsu TX1310 M1 - Intel E3 1226 V3 - 2x8Gb ram dual chanel + 1x4Gb ram on a second slot. - GPU - Nvidia Gigabyte GT 610 - PVE Proxmox Virtual Environment...
  6. V

    Enable Framebuffer?

    Hello! I would like to install teamviewer on my PVE host but it requires frame buffer. How can i enable it?
  7. H

    QEMU 2.5 - Setting L2 cache size drive option

    Hello, qemu version 2.5 introduced the setting of qcow2 drive-options for increasing L2 cache table size. Info: https://github.com/qemu/qemu/blob/master/docs/qcow2-cache.txt https://blogs.igalia.com/berto/2015/12/17/improving-disk-io-performance-in-qemu-2-5-with-the-qcow2-l2-cache/ Is there a...
  8. pvps1

    PVE 4.2 DRBD9: unable to use DRBD-Device...

    Hi ) for testing I installed a PVE 4.2 Cluster with 3 nodes (1 is for quorum only). both are debian jessie with pve-no-subscription repository. cluster works, quorum ok ) configured drbd9 according to https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/DRBD9 on 2 nodes (redundancy 2) ) drbd is up and running...
  9. Denny Fuchs

    [SOLVED] HW planning CEPH 3 x OSD cluster for PVE 4.2 / PVE 5.x

    hi, we planning a CEPH storage cluster to use with PVE 4.2 and after a lot of reading, what for HW we should use for our lab, we consider to following: The basis layout: 3 x OSD nodes with 10 x consumer SSD and / or seagate spinning disks 3 x nodes acting as MON and PVE host Details per OSD...


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