1. R

    How to clone with a proxmoxer VM from one node to the other node with a new name

    Hey guys, I have been looking for a way to clone a VM from one node to another with a proxmoxer library in Python, I have managed to set a connection to promox cluster. However, I have not found any way so far to clone the VMs, here is the code I have so far: def connect_proxmox(dc):proxmox =...
  2. K

    Migration script from oVirt/RHEV to Proxmox

    Hi, I successfully managed to migrate 200+ Linux VMs from oVirt/RHEV to Proxmox by utilizing oVirt and Proxmox APIs. I thought that i share the script since i guess that others are in the same situation as myself. Script does no changes to the oVirt environment more than initiate shutdown of...
  3. S

    API how to use 'GET /api2/json/nodes/{node}/qemu --full' via HTTP/proxmoxer

    Hello, How can I use HTTP style of CLI : pvesh get /nodes/{node}/qemu --full GET /api2/json/nodes/{node}/qemu --full ? here is working example from proxmoxer wrapper but without "full" def vm_current_all(targetnode): x = proxmox.nodes(targetnode).qemu().get() return x
  4. M

    Issue with community.general.proxmox (Ansible)

    Is anyone else having issues with the community module for Ansible? Seems broken. I've logged a bug here would love to hear from the community if anyone else is experiencing this and has a fix.
  5. S

    ansible LXC creation

    Heyo, playing with ansibles community.general.proxmox modul. Trying to create simples LXC: --- - hosts: localhost tasks: - name: Create new LXC community.general.proxmox: node: "my node" api_user: "my user" api_token_id: "my id" api_token_secret: "my token"...
  6. V

    Proxmoxer possibily expire token

    Hi I integrated proxmox with cuckoo thanks to the use of proxmoxer, but after a few hours I have the error related to the lack of authentication: raise AuthenticationError ("Couldn't authenticate user: {0} to {1}". format (self.username, self.base_url + "/ access / ticket")) in...
  7. J

    Permissions necessary to update custom cert via API

    I'm trying to upload an SSL certificate via the API ({node}/certificates/custom) using the Proxmoxer Python API, with an API Token tied to the root user. I think I've gotten my code right, but am seeing the following error when I...


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