proxmox backup server

  1. D

    Proxmox Backup Server

    Hello, I am using Proxmox VE with Proxmox Backup Server My backup process is built on an internal 10 gigabit network, I also use ZFS for Proxmox Backup Server with 32GB memory allocation for ARC Storage capacity 47 TB of which 40TB is occupied RAM 64GB CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 v4 @...
  2. A

    Use old backups with changed VM-ID

    Hello! i had to edit some of my VMs and change their IDs because i accidently restored a wrong, old backup with an identical VM-ID. So i changed them to be unique which actually worked pretty well. But now i realized that with the changed IDs i cannot use my previously created backups on my PBS...
  3. A

    Proxmox Backup client Error: permission check failed.

    So, i configured a pbs and i also added proxmox backup client on a standalone machine and tring to take backup from the standalone machine to the pbs and i added this script to the client machine. I create a new user which is called CBackup i added an admin permission to the datastore/JU-BACKUP...
  4. S

    Delete backup in cli or automation delete.

    Hello everyone, I had delete VM in proxmox-ve but data VM still in proxmox backup server. (many VM) I want delete many file backup with cli or automation delete. Please suggest or solution for this. Thank you very much.
  5. M

    [SOLVED] Importing ZFS Pool not working

    After I replaced a Disk in failed state, the Pool didn't resilver the Pool like it should. After a restart, the Proxmox Backup Server can't import the pool by him self. I tried with "zpool import Proxmox-Backup01" and it comes the output: invalid exchange (attached) With "zpool import...
  6. S

    PROBLEM: Can´t backup VMs anymore

    Hey everyone, after I had a IP double use (accidentally) I get errors while a backupjob, The Log shows the following error: storing login ticket failed: $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR must be set INFO: Backup job finished with errors TASK ERROR: job errors The funny part is, that I only get the task error...
  7. M

    [SOLVED] PBS certificate validation fails even with updated fingerprint set

    Hi, yesterday I’ve updated the certificate on PBS with a new self-signed cert (uploaded a proxy.pem containing the cert and the root ca that signed it, I don’t have an intermediate CA on my lab setup) and my PBS backups on PVE started to fail. Then I remembered that the fingerprint changed and...
  8. C

    Migrate Proxmox VE Host Installation

    I currently have Proxmox installed on a zfs single disk, and want to move it to a zfs mirror. The tricky part is that the disk it is on now will be one of the disks in the mirror. How would I move the install to a temporary location, create the mirror with the two disks, and then move the...
  9. L

    Proxmox Migration via Proxmox Backup Server?

    I would like to migrate from Provider A to Provider B (I think this could be Hetzner, checking some possibilities/ alternatives but should start soon, maybe even today) Currently the following setup is used on Provider A - Dedicated Server 1: Proxmox - Dedicated Server 2: Proxmox Backup Server...
  10. J

    [SOLVED] Proxmox Backup Remote Sync Error

    I have two onsite Proxmox Backup Servers at two locations. They both sync to an offsite remote (pull). Then there is a cloud proxmox backup server Pulls from the offsite remote and both onsite locations After everything was synced I had a couple backups that had errors saying unable to load blob...
  11. J

    Tape job failing with SCSI transport error

    Hello! We are running into an issue when trying to run a Tape backup job of about 9.5TB to our tape library and it fails shortly after starting with the following error: TASK ERROR: write chunk failed - write failed - scsi command failed: transport error Other smaller jobs (~400GB) have...
  12. A

    Retrieving backup list from PBS runs into timeout

    Hello, i am running into a minor inconvenience with one of our larger proxmox clusters and the related backup servers. About the environment: i am working with a rather big PVE cluster, including more than 5 nodes with a lot of VMs on each host. Those VMs back up on currently 2 PBS-Servers...
  13. M

    Proxmox Backup root filesystem runs out of space

    Hi Guys My root filesystem on my Proxmox-Backup runs out of space. What can I do? ERROR: Backup of VM 100 failed - VM 100 qmp command 'backup' failed - backup connect failed: command error: write failed: No space left on device (os error 28)
  14. R

    [SOLVED] 2x PBS, one Enterprise one No-Subscription Repo

    Hi Guys, i have a question related to updates on PBS, i have one (Main) PBS with an Enterprise Repo and a (Slave) with the No-Subscription Repo, the datastore is fully synced to the slave (sync-job initiated via slave). I guess it's not recommended to have these differences on the repos when...
  15. S

    Proxmox backup server best practice

    Hello everyone, We have just started testing PBS Server and would like to have recommendations for the best practice possible. We have 20x disks with 16Tb of capacity each. We have few more slots empty for more disks. So adding hot spares won't be a problem. Should we build a hardware or...
  16. J

    [SOLVED] PBS Root Disk Full can't sync, backup or run garbage collection.

    A few days ago, my Proxmox Backup Server filled up in the root folder. I managed to delete some large log files then and get functional. Last night during a remote sync it filled up and my job failed. Could somebody please help me diagnose the issue? Thanks, This is out of a 100 GB drive. this...
  17. S

    [SOLVED] VM Backup aus Proxmox Backup Server funktioniert nicht mehr

    Hallo, seit ein paar Tagen funktioniert es leider nicht mehr das automatsich nach Zeitplan die Windows 10 Vm´s auf dem PBS gesichert werden. Ich habe einmal den Backup Server neu installiert weil ich dachte das dieser eine Macke hat aber leider ist das nicht der Fall gewesen. Ich vermute das...
  18. J

    TRansfer Proxmox backup server to a new server

    Hello, Is there a procedure to transfer promox backup PMB data to a new server? I have 34T to transfer... Thanks very much!
  19. B

    Remote backup error - broken pipe

    Hi, I have this problem with a my customer's backups. On my customer's network I installed a PVE with inside installed one virtual machine. I connected one Proxmox backup server storage (a remote datastore into a remote PBS, connected by IPSEC VPN) and configured a schedule backup on it. The...
  20. powersupport

    Proxmox backup server migration

    HI, It is possible to migrate backup from one PBS to another PBS server with the same VM details proxmox, the idea is to replace PBS with another one. Thank you


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