proxmox 8.0.4

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    df command stuck in between

    Hi Team, I have 3 node cluster and all the 3 nodes have ceph and zfs pools. Recently we face as an issue that when I raise df command it stuck in between. Ceph status show Ok and healthy . How can I find the issue it has?
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    I installed the turnkey Gitlab 17.1.1 LXC template. After the installation weird behaviour is happening. I try to log in to GitLab with my root account and I get an HTTP 500 error. After that, I decided to register a test account, and redirected me to: http://$MY_HOST/users/sign_in#login-pane...
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    Ceph size looks like shrinking as filling up

    Hello, Today, we noticed our ceph pool looks like shining as its filling up, is this normal, visual bug, or we need to change something ? satred with size of 5TB, after puting 1.6TB data on it, looks like its reduced to 3.6TB root@pxcl-3:~# ceph status cluster: id: health...
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    Windows VM using a lot of RAM

    Hi I installed several Windows VM's in two different dedicated machines using Proxmox 8. When i start the VM's, they use a lot ram. Seems to be a general problem, that's why i tested in different dedicated servers. I followed this tutorial...
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    PVE nodes with DHCP assigned IPs and hostnames

    As I had just followed the instructions to install PVE on top of Debian, I realised the node relies on static IP - it was kind of obvious during the ISO install, but during APT install it clearly has to go into /etc/hosts with a static IP - why is this and does it have to be hardcoded for each...
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    [SOLVED] PVE ISO vs Debian PVE via APT install

    I have followed both the standard ISO install (8.0.4) and tried to install another node manually (with custom partitioning) on top of Debian network install with very much nothing else than wget (even skipped system tools in tasksel) and ZFS. The resulting size of the ISO-sourced install (ZFS)...
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    Windows 11 VM (Best Performance)

    Hi Currently i am creating a new VM with windows 11. Anyone knows what is the BEST way possible to setup windows 11 in terms of performance (to host game servers) ? I'll host really high cpu dependent game servers. System: Proxmox v8.0.4 (latest version) Thanks.
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    [SOLVED] 2x Windows 10 VM's Problem

    Hello I've created a Windows 10 VM, everything works well. Then i cloned this VM to another one, so i can easily have 2x Windows 10 VM's. The thing is, i can only have one turned on, if i turn both on, one of them will shutdown. I even changed their internal ips so they can have different ips...
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    [SOLVED] SPICE configuration with outdated certs

    Hello, I'm trying to set up SPICE for my guest OS Ubuntu 22.X on Proxmox 8.0.4. I followed the instructions from the given web sites: Proxmox SPICE Guide OSTechNix SPICE Guide In summary, I added the SPICE display with 32 Mb and disabled the proxmox and client firewalls. So far, SPICE would...
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    [SOLVED] High I/O delay during vzdump Backup and issues Proxmox 8.0

    Hi, I have installed the latest proxmox version 8.0, unfortunately the backup doesn't work. After 5% NFS or SMB cannot respond. This means that the VM is completely busy and Proxmox VE has no connection to the NFS or Samba/Cifs backup. I did all Upgades on Proxmox but it didn't help. PVE...
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    [SOLVED] Eine IP einer VM zuweisen?

    Hallo, ich habe mir vor kurzem Proxmox auf meinem Server installiert. Ich habe mehrere öffentliche IP-Adressen, auf dem Server sind zwei Ubuntu VM und ich möchte gerne jeder VM eine öffentliche IP zuweisen. Ich habe leider nicht viel dazu im Internet gefunden, aber wenn dann hat es nict geklappt...
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    kernel panic: BUG: unable to handle page fault for address: ffffada43b51bf58

    I have a general purpose, single-node server, which randomly ends up frozen under heavy load, when using kernel 6.2, usually when full backups are running. Woke up to below message this morning. This server was originally installed with proxmox 7.x, and operated flawlessly. Later upgraded to...
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    Reinstall PVE while keeping vms - proxmox is "unstable" afterwards

    Hello everyone. General description I wanted to reinstall Proxmox while keeping all my vms (My setup consists of a single server with a local storage. Simple raid, no external storage trough nfs...). I followed a guide from Guillaume Matheron Reinstall proxmox while keeping all the...
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    Proxmox install

    I am trying to migrate my Proxmox install to a 1L mini pc, so that I can convert my current much underused server into a second backup NAS. I have a 120GB SATA SSD that I intend to use as a OS drive. I also have a 1TB NVMe drive that I want to use as VM/CT storage and also for PBS backups. The...
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    how i can downgrade proxmox 8.0.4 kernel 6.2 to 5

    i have stability issues on nodes with high cpu load and i would move back the to kernel was on 7.4. what is the best approach ? i am on pve 8.0.4 kernel 6.2.16-14
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    RRDC update error

    i have some problem that occurs multiple times, Sep 26 13:51:19 pve-blade-212 pmxcfs[2455]: [status] notice: RRDC update error /var/lib/rrdcached/db/pve2-storage/pve-blade-211/cephfs-data: -1 Sep 26 13:51:19 pve-blade-212 pmxcfs[2455]: [status] notice: RRDC update error...
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    best approach to set mitigations=off cluster wide?

    I use around 80% of the nodes in the cluster as a compute grid, i can freely disable the mitigation on them and gain some performance, what is the best approach? can it be done to a group of nodes (like based on name pattern) or it must be done one by one in grub ? do i need to do something...
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    “Primary GPT table is corrupt” error on (some) restored containers

    Hello experts :) I just upgraded to a new server and I'm currently restoring containers. Some of them have GPT corruption warnings. Example: Disk /dev/mapper/pve-vm--100--disk--0: 8 GiB, 8589934592 bytes, 16777216 sectors Units: sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes Sector size (logical/physical)...


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