proxmox 7.4

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    Installation failing before obtaining DHCP lease 7.4

    7.4 unable to get past "Attempting to get DHCP leases... ../../../lib/isc/timer.c:797: fatal error: RUNTIME_CHECK(isc_tiem_now((&now)) ==0) failed" Installing on a Zimaboard 832 with an intel Celeron N3450. I installed in debug mode and the same issue appeared. I also received a similar...
  2. G

    `Bluetooth: hci0: Failed to load` Haults proxmox install

    i get: Bluetooth: hci0: Failed to load Intel firmware file intel/ibt-1040-0041.sfi (-2) error that stops my install. im on proxmox 7.4.1 install using an i5-12400 and MSI PRO B760M-A with 128gb ddr4 ram. rest of the error reads; Bluetooth: hci0: Failed to load Intel firmware file...
  3. M

    Proxmox 7.4 won't connect to internet even ping

    Does anyone have a solution for this? I'm new to this proxmox, I just installed proxmox and can't access the internet. And i'm using VMWare for install Proxmox.
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    [SOLVED] Issue with clock skew - after upgrade to latest 7.4 (before upgrading to 8)

    i am trying to upgrade to proxmox 8. after finish updating all nodes to 7.4-16, (and rebooted each node after install) and updating ceph from Pacific to Quincy update when smooth without issues, after the update this issue occurred chrony is setup and running on all nodes across the...
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    external storage crash - proxmox status unknown config locked snapshot

    proxmox 7.4 pbs 2.4-1 i have cluster of around 20 hosts, with dally schedule for backup of many vm\lxc to pbs i had an external (not proxmox) storage crash, that many vms\lxc had nfs mount to it. the backup caused most of the servers gui to hang, leaving most many lxc\vm in locked ) only...
  6. A

    [SOLVED] Timeout on Web GUI with clusternode

    Hi! i am running a cluster with multiple PVE nodes (all on Ver 7.4) but i am currently facing an issue with one of them. So now i would like to ask you for any hints, maybe i just simply overlooked something silly. I just recently joined two more nodes into the cluster, which worked without any...
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    [SOLVED] Permission denied (os error 13) on VM backup

    Hi everyone, I'm asking for your help today because I can't find any solution. I have a "proxmox backup server" which works correctly, in version 3 and installed on a "proxmox 7.4" host in an LXC container. Everything works perfectly for the backup of data from the LXC containers of the host...
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    [SOLVED] Updating 7.4-13 fails: The repository ' bullseye InRelease' is no longer signed.

    Hi, I'm in the process of upgtading my home lab Proxmox to 8.X but I'm currently running into a problem not being able to update from 7.4-13 to 7.4-15 as the "pve-no-subscription" repositories update fails with: Reading package lists... E: Failed to fetch...
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    Page fault on VM

    Hello ! Since weeks, I got the same error appears on multiple virtual machines on my Proxmox server. The error appear on the same hosts, but randomly (once a day, fourth a hour, ...). All the hosts affected are Debian 11 systems, but not all my hosts are affected. Mostly, I got a Docker...
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    fstrim/shrink not working after migrate

    Hi, whe have the current scenariio, pve 7.4.x in a cluster. vm1 on proxhost 2: lvs shows 28% in use from the 127GB disk on local thin storage. fstrim -av works. migrate lvm1 to proxhost 01: lvs shows 100% in use, this is a known issue, but running sudo fstrim -av in the vm normally results...
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    Installation GUI startet nicht - Fatal Server Error

    Guten Morgen zusammen, ich bin Neu im Forum und absoluter Linux Anfänger. Jetzt habe ich mich von den Videos von "SemperVideo" inspirieren lassen, einen Server mit Proxmox auf zu setzen. Dafür habe ich mir einen Mini-PC von MinisForum geholt. Den UM690, mir einer AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX CPU und...
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    Proxmox 7.4 - unable to create data thin-pool

    Hi, trying to install Proxmox 7.4-1. at the "target harddisk" stage, I choose swapsize 128 and maxroot 100. I do it on ext4, I don't reduce the hdsize value by 228 (GB). after starting the installation itself - after the "create patition" step, then "create lv-s" - an error pops up unable to...
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    issues with nested proxmox in proxmox

    I am trying to configure nested virtualisation but am getting errors. when I start a nested VM created by proxmox. this is the configuration of the PVE system root@wlsc-pxmh01:/etc/pve/qemu-server# cat 10037.conf agent: 1,fstrim_cloned_disks=1 args: -object...
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    possible bug causing white / blank page for the webui @ port 8006

    After hours of messing with this situation it , most likely and probably, comes down to some awkward stuff going on This situation defies explanation as "the problem" seems to not only happen by itself but also by some unknown parameters. The end result is the Proxmox Web Interface loading then...


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