proxmox 7.3

  1. O

    Unable to install proxmox ve 7.3

    Hi, i was unable to install due to the error appear and stuck forever at waiting for /dev to be fully populated. MOBO: MPG B760I Edge WIFI DDR4
  2. O

    proxmox ve 7.3 - freebsd 10.0

    For some reasons (legacy project that still needs to run "as is" for a few more months) I would need to get FreeBSD 10.0 running on a recent proxmox setup. I tried to tune the hardware (host, cpu, machine type, hotplug, aes, ballooning, etc.) in many ways according to actual and older forum...
  3. R

    [SOLVED] Random VM crashes when backing up VM's

    Hello! In the past few weeks we've been setting up a Proxmox cluster to be able to host our applications. From the start we've been experiencing some weird issues when backing up the VM's to an NFS target (Synology NAS) Randomly during the backup (sometimes 0 or sometimes multiple) VM's seem...
  4. B

    PVE - Remove one node from ceph cluster

    Hello, I have a PVE cluster with ceph installed. My ceph cluster is so composed: -node1: ceph manager, ceph monitor and osd -node2: ceph manager, ceph monitor and osd -node3: ceph manager, ceph monitor and osd -node4: ceph manager, ceph monitor and osd I need to remove one node(either ceph and...
  5. G

    Issues passing RX 7900 XT to Windows 11 VM on Proxmox 7.3

    I've been trying to pass my RX 7900 XT to a Windows 11 VM on Proxmox 7.3. I only manage to get video output via HDMI for the first few seconds while it's booting (showing the Proxmox logo, OVMF?). Then it stops, and it doesn't show anything on subsequent boots. I had the same hardware before...
  6. onlime

    How to migrate from legacy grub to UEFI boot (systemd-boot)?

    On PVE Wiki: Host Bootloader it says: I still have some Proxmox VE systems which were installed in the old days. Some report: $ parted -l /dev/sda Model: ATA INTEL SSDSC2KG01 (scsi) Disk /dev/sda: 1920GB Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/4096B Partition Table: gpt Disk Flags: Number...
  7. J

    ZFS snapshot problem

    hi all i have a problem with proxmox 7.3 the ZFS snapshots seem to have a problem as they can't be accessed, it's like it says the snapshot has been taken but not really, in proxmox 7.2 this works correctly. any ideas please? thanks
  8. F

    [SOLVED] vhost backend has no free memory slots left

    I am facing an issue were I migrated a VM from proxmox 6.4.x to 7.3 1. We implemented a new setup with 3 node cluster of 7.3. 2. Took a backup of the VM on old setup of 6.4 4. Restored the backup snapshot on new setup of 7.3 5. In old setup we had processor type default kvm64 and new we are...
  9. M

    qm set --sshkey

    Hey guys, I think I already know the answer, but you never know. In Proxmox GUI, in cloud-init settings, I'm able to set the ssh key (ed25519) as a string. This can also be confirmed in the conf file in /etc/pve/qemu-server/ When I attempt to do the same in the CLI, I get: No such file...


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