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    Hello I have a problem with PCI Passthrough. my virtual machine gets such an error: () kvm: -device vfio pci,host=0000:03:00.0,id=hostpci0,bus=pci.0,addr=0x10: vfio 0000:03:00.0: failed to setup container for group 17: Failed to set iommu for container: Operation not permitted TASK ERROR: start...
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    How to migrate VMs from VMware Esxi to Proxmox?

    Hi, I need some help, I want to migrate many servers from VMware Esxi to Proxmox, but I have obstacles for the migration such as VMs on Esxi must be shut down first. Is there a way to migrate VMs from Esxi to Proxmox without having to shut down the original VM first, can it be said that it is...
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    PMG 8 x Exchange 2019 trouble

    Hi everyone :) ! I'm using pmg version 8 and Exchange 2019 u12 version. This is my infrastructure information. MX -> -> A -> -> A -> -> My machine is under hyper-v, all with public ip. my forest is I...
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    Problem the cores are not recognized

    Install proxmox pve-manager/7.4-15/a5d2a31e, on a computer with an Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-10105 processor, and it only recognizes one core, not the 4 that it should. CPU(s) 1 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-10105 CPU @ 3.70GHz (1 Socket) kernel version Linux 5.15.108-1-pve #1 SMP PVE 5.15.108-1...
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    Encountering "Starting worker failed" error in Proxmox 6.4 GUI

    Hi, I'm encountering issues with starting the VM/Console via GUI. In the GUI, I'm receiving the following error: "Unable to redirect STDIN - No such file or directory at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/ line 566. (500)" Additionally, I'm unable to connect via SSH, and I'm getting the...
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    mouse cursor

    Good afternoon, everyone! Please help with solving the problem. I installed ubuntu on proxmox, and installed kodi on ubuntu. I need a mouse cursor to use it, but I can't do anything with either the buttons or the mouse cursor. I have tried spice console, it is also to no avail. I tried remote...
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    I/O delay with SSDs

    Yesterday such a story happened. There are I/O latencies. Didn't install anything. Drives Samsung SSD EVO Plus 250 Gb, SSD 870 QVO 4Tb, RAM 32 Gb, 4*Intel Core i5-6500. S.M.A.R.T SSDs are good. What is the reason and how to fix it. This may have happened after a Proxmox update.
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    [SOLVED] Method 'GET /nodes/lan/vzdump/defaults' not implemented(501)

    Hello guys this is my first time making a post but after scowering the forums and the web, I could not find either someone in the same shoes or a fix to my problem, so I'm going to post it here in hopes someone can help me. I am basically having an issue where one of the 2 servers i have in a...
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    Hardware RAID to store VM

    Hi everyone! I just bought a server and installed Proxmox VE on a ssd device. Now I want to run only one VM with Windows Server 2022. The VM should be stored on my Microchip Adaptec SmartRAID 3101E-4i Controller with 4 SATA SSD devices, which I turned into a RAID10. That worked very easy. The...
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    Proxmox 5.x to 6.0 server down

    Hello all, Hello everybody, I come to the forum because I have been completely lost since 3 days and I am afraid of having lost all my backups. As mentioned in the title of my post I decided to update finally my proxmox ( 5.2 ) I followed the documentation on the proxmox site...
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    Proxmox doesn´t work after power outage

    Hey there, I am completely desperate. After a power outage my Proxmox Server is no longer working. I´m searching for like 2 weeks but can´t figure out what is causing all of the problems. systemctl --failed UNIT LOAD ACTIVE SUB DESCRIPTION ● pve-cluster.service loaded...
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    [SOLVED] Neither GUI nor ZFS pool after power surge

    Hi, I had a power surge at home a couple days ago and since then my proxmox server has stopped working. I've been reading lots of posts and documentation to try to find the reason but I can't find anything conclusive. My setup is 5 hard drives: 1 ssd, 2 individual 500 gb in lvm-thin and 2 1TB...
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    [SOLVED] Installing Proxmox In VPS Digital Ocean Debian 10 Still Not Work Access Browser

    Hello I am a new user here, I have a little problem, I bought vps Specifications: Ram: 4GB Disk: 80GB OS: Debian 10 from digital ocean, I tried to install proxmox with the steps here: after I tried to install, I still failed to...


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