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    Proxmox for Nvidia A100 GPU

    Hi, Our lab is installing a new system with EPYC CPUs and one Nvidia A100 GPU. I have experience with Proxmox over consumer grade hardware over the last couple years, but I have never tried so on a more enterprise setting. It would be great if you can help me with some questions I have: 1. Is...
  2. M

    [SOLVED] Dual GPU PCI passthrough problem

    Hello all, I have a problem with passing through the primary GPU but have no problem with the second one. The problem is that when trying to start the VM with the primary GPU attached returns --> Dec 30 18:14:44 pve kernel: [ 889.165695] vfio-pci 0000:01:00.0: vfio_ecap_init: hiding ecap...
  3. M

    PVE 7.2 Failed to mmap BAR 3. Performance may be slow

    Hello, I have small PVE homelab for personal/testing env. I have a strange problem with PCI-passthrough to Win10 VM when trying to start the VM get this error kvm: -device vfio-pci,host=0000:01:00.0,id=hostpci0.0,bus=ich9-pcie-port-1,addr=0x0.0,multifunction=on: Failed to mmap 0000:01:00.0 BAR...
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    Please Help with IOMMU

    Hello, I've been trying to get PCI passthrough to work in order to use my GPU in a VM. Im using an AMD FX 6300 cpu on a asrock 790GM-HDV MB. In my BIOS there is no AMD-V option but there is a Virtualization option that is enabled. I've looked everywhere and it seems like my CPU should have...
  5. A

    Proxmox 7 PCI Passthrough Issues

    Hi Proxmox Reinstalled my system with Proxmox 7 after an issue that happened on the system. Configuration: E5-2690 64GB DDR3 ECC 1600mhz 120GB RaidZ1 Quadro P400(Plex Passthrough) System was running PVE 6.7 and was working correctly on PVE 7 PCI Passthrough is no longer working correctly...
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    PCI Passthrough

    Hallo, ich habe bei mir Jellyfin in einer VM laufen. Hierfür benötige ich meine GPU welche ich durchschleifen möchte. Hardware: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 AsRock B450 Pro 4 NVIDEA Geforce GT710 PCI - Passthrough Egal wie man es macht, beläuft es sich im Endeffekt alles auf das IOMMU Feature. Doch...
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    Deploying layer2 device in transparent mode

    Hi All, Recently we were trying to setup F5 BIG IP VE edition on our Proxmox cluster purely for L2 optimization on some links. We created vm with two interfaces. each interface attached to Linux bridge like this. router1 -> f5(on proxmox) - > router2 eno1 -> vmbr1 (router1 to proxmox) eno2 -...
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    [SOLVED] IOMMU not present

    Guten Abend :) Ich habe da ein kleines Problem bzw. eine kleine Schwierigkeit zu bewältigen mit dem o.g. Thema... Ich wollte mir eine SophosXG VM einrichten mit zwei Physischen NICs. Die Anleitung auf Pci passthrough - Proxmox VE hab ich befolgt und soweit alles im BIOS was ich dazu gefunden...
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    PCI Passthrough SR-IOV can't reset pci device

    Hi, I'm trying to get the virtual functions of my Intel I350 passed through to a router vm. I got the SR-IOV working, basically following this guide on reddit. I also blacklisted their module so they don't get loaded by the host (tried both blacklist and adding to vfio-pci). Everything should...
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    HP Proliant Support Pack for Proxmox 4.4, any advice?

    Hi all, Actual question: I am running proxmox VE 4.4 on an HP Proliant DL380g6. "HP ProLiant Support Pack CD for dpkg-based distributions" for this machine seems to only exists for a limited set of older hypervisors (up to xen 6.x, up to debian 6.0, ...). Because I am running proxmox 4.4 (based...
  11. K

    PCIe Passthrough freezes Proxmox

    Hi everyone! I have a small homelab running Proxmox. On one of my VMs I'm running pfSense and I'm pretty satisfied with the results. The only thing that doesn't work as I want is the wlan device, a Ralink RT3090. pfSense gets access to wlan via pci-passthrough, and that part works very well...
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    [SOLVED] Very poor pfsense performance with PCI passthrough

    Okay, so I have been able to pass-through my intel nic card to every single guest linux operating system just fine, and performance has been great. I can install/boot pfsense perfectly fine without having my nic passed through to it, but right when I pass through the ethernet card, the...
  13. A

    yet another passthrough question

    greetings to all, I am currently evaluating proxmox and I'm able to create "regular" VM's without problems. Going past creating regular VM's, I'm trying to passthrough some intel ethernet card(s) and I will have problems if: -- two physical intel ethernet cards are passthrough to a single...


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