packet loss

  1. R

    Can't connect to internet

    Hello, I managed to install proxmos on my server but it seems like I can't connect to the internet, any update command fails, I've done some troubleshooting but everything seems to be fine, below you can see multiple commands I've tried. curl ip a cat /etc/network/interfaces...
  2. S

    kfree_skb_reason and packet drops

    Hi all! Recently one of our PVE cluster started to drop packets... I've installed dropwatch, and it print a lot of rown like this: 203 drops at kfree_skb_reason+1e (0xffffffff90a93a1e) [software] 707 drops at kfree_skb_reason+1e (0xffffffff90a93a1e) [software] 106 drops at kfree_skb_reason+1e...
  3. V

    Packet loss on VMs, but not with Proxmox directly

    I just installed Proxmox on my Intel NUC with N100. I was noticing a terrible performance on accessing some VMs remotely by HTTP protocol, however everything looks great accessing Promox (Proxmox has 0% of packet loss). So I tested the ping and packet loss from my VM IPs and to my surprise...
  4. D

    Bridge NIC Passthrough for use in LXC

    Hi to all, After struggling with briding WAN/LAN in pfsense/OPNSense VM I decided to use NIC passthrough for my LAN interface. I had heavy packet loss when using bridge LAN interface in pfsense/OPNsense, this topic on reddit gave me hints and I had no more issues after using NIC passthrough for...
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    Proxmox network plip

    Hello, A year ago I built a proxmox ve cloud. I am now getting network blips (packet loss) sporadically. we are using a OVS network. Is this a common issue with OVS network and proxmox. Has anyone had this issue?
  6. W

    Packet loss and high ping after upgrade to proxmox 7.x

    Hi, I upgrade my proxmox server from 6.4 to the latest version, and after that I have to much packet loss from my bgp virtual machine and sometimes high ping... On bgp virtual machine I have passthrough network card. Default grub setting for passthrough on proxmox host...
  7. F

    [SOLVED] Packet Loss from Outside Proxmox Host

    Hello! I have this proxmox server wich have N containers. When i ping containerX from my notebook (or anywhere else in network) i have 95% of packet loss. When i ping containerX from Proxmox i have 0% packet loss. When i ping containerX from containerY hosted in same proxmox server i have 0%...
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    High ping in Proxmox VE

    Hello, I've create a pfsense in my pve server but I'll get high ping usually. If download or upload over 50 Mbps will get > 1000ms ping pickup.(Use test can recurrent it again) My ISP network is 300Mbps/100Mbps, used FTTH(EPON) Network adapter : Intel X540-AT2 PVE Version ...
  9. P

    Packet dropped on lxc

    Hello, I am asking suggestion on how to troubleshoot packets dropped on an LXC. Proxmox host has a public IP + a different public IP range routed on bridge. The bridge works on a linux bond. Ping between Proxmox IP (on same bond/bridge) and other servers works without packet loss. Ping and...
  10. A

    > 3000 mSec Ping and packet drops with VirtIO under load

    I'm running PVE 5.0-30 with two KVM machines with Windows 2016 Servers installed. I did everything like computerized William explained in this video So I use ZFS and VirtIO for storage (SCSI) and...
  11. N

    [SOLVED] Proxmox 4.2 KVM Bridge packet loss

    Hi, I just recognized that i ahve massiv package lost problems with my newly configured proxmox host. PVE version: 4.2-11/2c626aa1 hoster: hetzner Kernel: Linux 4.4.8-1-pve I just setup check_mk for my monitoring and just recognized that i have a fluctuating packet loss of 2 - 35% on my kvm...


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