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    Proxmox 8 Upgrade Warning for Open vSwitch Cluster Network

    Hello, I'm just posting this so people have guidance on our experience on upgrading their clusters. I'll summarize what I did for it to be stable, and go through the details of how I got to this conclusion. Pre-upgrade Environment: Proxmox VE: 7.4 Kernel: 5.15 Open vSwitch Setup: Bond (LACP)...
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    IPv6 only works after pinging the default gateway

    Hello community, we observe a strange problem here (Cluster on PVE 7.2-3 with open vSwitch): The ICMPv6 NS (Neighbor Solicitation) packet does not seem to arrive inside the VM (it is a Cisco C9800-CL Wireless Controller) when the vNIC has "firewall=1" set. As soon as we remove the "firewall=1"...
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    [SOLVED] WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: ... [openvswitch]

    Hello, since upgrading to Kernel 5.15.35 I have following warning (and a second similar one) during boot: May 15 17:04:57 pve-2 kernel: WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: 1228 at include/net/netfilter/nf_conntrack.h:175 __ovs_ct_lookup+0x907/0xa40 [openvswitch] May 15 17:04:57 pve-2 kernel: Modules linked...
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    Open vSwitch Port Mirror problem (SNORT/ZEEK/Security Onion)

    A fresh install of proxmox 6.2-10. I am trying to configure port mirroring with open vswitch. I installed open vswitch via apt install openvswitch-switch. I am running version 2.12 root@pve:~# ovs-vsctl -V ovs-vsctl (Open vSwitch) 2.12.0 DB Schema 8.0.0 Here is a screen shot of the PVE...
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    Mandatory naming convention for OVSBridge and OVSBond?

    Hi, I am building a new Proxmox 6.2 server right now using Open vSwitch-based network configuration. I came up with a (from ovs-perspective) perfectly fine working configuration that is however not accepted by Proxmox, apparently due to naming: # Loopback interface auto lo iface lo inet...
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    Duplicate MAC Addresses Generated for Bonded Interfaces on Identical Server Hardware

    Greetings fellow Proxmox users and moderators. First I want to thank the Proxmox team and developers for creating an amazing product. I have been a Proxmox user for only about 2 years but a Linux admin for about 15 years. Regrettably I have not created a forum account until now, however I...
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    [SOLVED] Send mirrored traffic to openvswitch bridge

    Hello all, I have running cluster with 4 nodes and every node has 3 NICS (lets call them eth0, eth1, eth2). eth0 is for management only. eth1 is for VM traffic. And eth2 is interface where is send mirrored traffic from our core switch. And I want this traffic to be visible in VMS which connects...
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    SOLVED: Virtualizing pfSense with OpenVSwitch and Multiple VLANs

    I am having an issue with pfSense Proxmox and VLAN's. My setup has pfSense virtualized with other VM's on the same host and 4 VLAN's. I have a Cisco 3850 switch that is my core. Originally I had all of my intervlan routing occuring inside the Cisco switch and anything that need to get to the WAN...
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    [SOLVED] Loss of access after OVS Bridge

    I am running into an issue any time I try setting up OVS bridge. I loose network to my dedicate sever. I have a point-to-point link to my public IP provided by the hosting company. I was able to on one of my boxes for a short time run the interfaces Bridge config and it worked. So I figured I...
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    Creating a lab environment for users on the web

    I am working on a project where we are currently attempting to use proxmox to host lab environments. Users can log into a webpage where they can start lab. The system calls proxmox to clone a vm template and create the lab. Users can tinker around with real servers to get a grasp on server...
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    Ceph with Open VSwitch

    We want to setup a Cluster with 6 Ceph Nodes splitet in 2 Racks. In the pased we have used Linux Bridge and Bond to build the Network for Ceph 2x 10 GB each Node with 2 VLAN for Access and Sync for Ceph. the Question is: is it Recommended to built this hypervisor with Ceph Network used Open...
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    Proxmox 5.4 to 6.0 : Strange network issues

    Hello! I've recently updated 3 of our 4 nodes Proxmox 5.4 cluster to v6.0. While I was preparing to update the latest node, I found out that my VMs migrated on the updated nodes are losing network access after a few minutes. If I live migrate the VM to the node still in 5.4, the network is...
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    What is the easy way to move from Linux Bridge to ovs

    I have been running the default linux bridge, but would like to switch over to ovs. I have apt-get openvswitch and now to need to understand how to install?
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    Openvswitch issues

    So I'm trying to configure vswitch on my 4-node cluster. I've managed to make a bridge on node 1 but when I use the same configuration for the other nodes they a) break after reboot and seems like they won't go up and b) show an error when I dun /etc/init.d/networking restart. this is despite...
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    Deploying Security Onion / Proxmox Port mirroring

    Hi, Im trying to mirror traffic from physical ethernet port to a Virtual Machine's virtual network card. My setup is as following: Proxmox 1. Physical interface enp3s0 ------> linuxbridge (vmbr0) 2. Physical interface enp4s0 ------> linuxbridge (vmbr1) I added a new VM (Security Onion)...
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    openvswitch bridge VLAN configuration

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to achieve the following scenario: +-------+ | | +----------------------------------------------------+ | CPE +-------------------------+ |...
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    OpenVswitch with VLAN - Firewall problems

    Hello, i'm currently facing a strange issue. I have a proxmox cluster - v. 4.4-13/7ea56165 (dirty 2 node cluster with 1 quorum vote) and i use OpenVswitch to have networing between my containers/VM and it doenst matter on wich of the 2 nodes the Containers/VM are. They can communicate without...
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    linux bridge vs openvswitch

    If you don't follow the users list I will raise your attention to this research study I came across today. Basically this is the first evidence I have seen proving a real benefit for one over the other (apart from aesthetic reasons). The...
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    open-vswitch issue

    Hello! I have freshly installed and update proxmox system. my /etc/network/interfaces file is auto lo iface lo inet loopback #auto vlan101 #iface vlan101 inet manual #vlan-raw-device eth1 #iface vlan2762 #auto vmbr0 #iface vmbr0 inet static # address # netmask #...
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    Inter-node VM networks using Open vSwith patch ports?

    My apologies if this is covered in another thread somewhere, I did search. I am researching a way of easily connecting server VMs on one node to client VMs on another when using Open vSwitch. I was able to find instructions for connecting two OVS bridges using patch ports, but this seemed for...


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