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    Host hangs up after 12-24 hours: Unless rcu_sched kthread gets sufficient CPU time, OOM is now expected behavior.

    Hello! I'm a new Proxmox VE user. I moved my Home assistant (latest HA OS) to the Intel NUC 11 hardware and Promox VE platform (latest) a moment ago. I have a Zigbee ZZH! and a Google Coral AI USB sticks attached to the hardware. The home assistant is the only vm running currently and it hangs...
  2. E

    Please help identify OOM kernel crash - Host RAM, Host swap, VM RAM, or VM Swap?

    Hi there, Please help me identify the problem with our Proxmox is killing just one specific VM with OOM. Background: - The host has 16 CPUs, and 64 GB of RAM. - We have 15 guests on the host. - The VM that is being shut down uses the most resources, 7 CPUs and 16 GB RAM. - The problem only...
  3. L

    Out of memory

    Hi, The memory usage is always slowly growing, and if i don't reboot the host, it kill the biggest process, that is a virtual machine, of course. I don't use ZFS, but anyway, I've changed the zfs_arc_max at 2GB in the /etc/modprobe.d/zfs.conf, but without any change. the swappiness is also...
  4. I

    container gets oom killed every now and then when mem usage is low

    Hi, I have a PiHole running on PVE inside a lxc, it was running fine for a while but recently it's getting killed every few minutes when the memory usage of the container and the PVE host if relatively low any ideas how to debug? thanks root@pve:~# cat /etc/pve/lxc/100.conf arch: amd64...
  5. F

    OOM Killer issue, container

    Hi, I use Proxmox 5.1 with up to 70 containers. A few days ago one of the containers crashed. After some troubleshooting, I noticed that the Proxmox killed MariaDB service inside the container for memory reason. In monitoring systems and even on Proxmox web diagrams there is no such...
  6. D

    oom-killer activity on debian stretch LXC

    Hello, since the last update I have strange activity in dmesg related to oom-killer with some processes in Debian LXC images and the problem doesn't really seem to be due to lack of memory, because the system has 70G of memory and 15G available. I guess many users would confirm the issue and it...
  7. M

    Out of Memory & Very very high load generated by CT

    Hi there, I'm using Proxmox 4.4 as it's the best virtual environment for my needs. Recently I discovered a reason of very high load on host: out of memory generated by CT. Basically some java process running in CT eats lot of memory and entire system hangs for a couple minutes, then back to...
  8. S

    How much RAM for ZFS ARC + VMs on Proxmox?

    Hello, I'm currently close to building my new Proxmox rig and since ZFS is a first time for me, I was wondering about the need for RAM in my setup. I will run a 4x480GB SSD setup in RAID10 with ZFS. System memory is 64GB ECC RAM. Now, I will run 3 VMs for a start, needing 24GB, 8GB and 8GB of...
  9. N

    PVE 4.3 OutOfMemory (OOM) KernelPanic in VMs

    Ich evaluiere gerade PVE 4.3 auf einem drei-node Cluster (später dann mit sieben) mit je 64GB RAM. (Und ja, die Subscription kommt sobald alles läuft ;-) Nun habe ich oft das Problem, dass wenn ich VMs starte, diese mit einer OutOfMemory (OOM) KernelPanic während des bootens stehen bleiben...


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