1. D

    Observation: upgrade from 7.x to 8.x, non-stop OOM killing

    Apparently our internal testing missed this...but we recently (over the holiday break) upgraded a client with 36 locations from Proxmox 7.x to 8.x. They have been using Proxmox for a *long* time. These servers started out running Proxmox 5.x, and have been upgraded all along the way...
  2. A

    VM getting OOM killed by proxmox

    Hi Community , We have a Proxmox node (1.48 TiB ) with 2 VMs(750.00 GiB Memory on each) . We have been seeing the VMs being OOM killed by kvm. VMs are running ubuntu 22.04 and have the following settings to protect from over committing memory . root@dhq5:~# sysctl -a | grep vm.overcommit...
  3. C

    Unexpected shut down, out of memory?

    I've had an unexpected shut down on a VM that hosts a web server 2 times. Both at 6am, so obviously the first thing I need to do is find whats running at 6am on those days. The shut down appears to be more of a Kill than a shut down. From syslog it appear to be saying it's out of memory and...
  4. G

    email when OOM invoked?

    Is it possible for proxmox to send an email notification when a process in a container is killed by the oom killer? Just something like "hey, go check your logs! Something bad happened in container id XX" Thanks Gary
  5. S

    Difficulty with OOM / CGroups

    Hi All, Coming from 20 years as a professional in Windows (2 years of hands-on Linux) I'm having issues with fully grasping cgroups. I recently upgraded my server cluster and am I encountering OOM kills regularly (a few times per day). I have a single cgroup (just out-of-the-box config). My...
  6. A

    kvm invoked oom-killer

    So here is the last 150 lines from /var/log/syslog: (see link) (Apparently, I can't post a comment with more than 16384 chars here, and it didn't give me the option to upload the text file with the last 150 lines here directly, so pastebin.com it is then.) Here is my hardware specs: Dual Xeon...
  7. R

    OOM-Killer killing only VM, but why?

    I am running a single VM running Debian11 on a host with 40gb RAM, 4 cores and a total of 4.25tb storage in a single drive zpool of 256gb and a mirror zpool of 2x2tb. I allocated 4 cores to the VM and varying amounts of RAM as I've tried to troubleshoot this issue. So far OOM-Killer keeps...
  8. R

    [SOLVED] Proxmox Shutting Ubuntu 22.04.1 VM Down due to OOM-Kill

    Hi, all, I'm new to Proxmox. Forgive me if the answer/solution here is obvious! Since mid-afternoon yesterday, my Ubuntu Server 22.04.1 VM has randomly started shutting down. I find no evidence of errors in the logs of the Ubuntu machine itself, but I am seeing an OOM-Kill in Proxmox's logs...
  9. T

    Proxmox OOM-Killer problem

    Hi guys! Last week i installed some Proxmox on my bare-metal servers. The servers have 16 CPU thread, 32 GB of RAM and 2x 250GB SSD. I use ZFS RAID1! On every Proxmox host i have 1 VM with 16 CPU, 80 GB SSD and 16GB of RAM. My problem is, when i have a higher IO operation(for example a...
  10. N

    PVE services killed by OOMK (Out Of Memory Killer)

    There was an instance in where one PVE node was sporadically failing. A quick look into the servers management interface reported a defective memory. Since it is an older Test Server the integrated remote console is not working properly... So no worry's I have a PVE-Web-GUI with a integrated...
  11. E

    Please help identify OOM kernel crash - Host RAM, Host swap, VM RAM, or VM Swap?

    Hi there, Please help me identify the problem with our Proxmox is killing just one specific VM with OOM. Background: - The host has 16 CPUs, and 64 GB of RAM. - We have 15 guests on the host. - The VM that is being shut down uses the most resources, 7 CPUs and 16 GB RAM. - The problem only...
  12. U

    VM gets killed every week

    Hi, I have 3 HA servers each with 64GB RAM, one of the nodes, runs a KVM that keeps crashing every week, it is quite random how it occurs. Each server have 1GB Swap only that is full most of all the times. Now upon reading some articles and here in forum I disabled temporary the swap. Made...
  13. A

    High Shared memory usage

    Hi, TL;DR : I'm trying to understand what the shared memory part of free means in proxmox I've recently created a new container on a host that reports a 60% memory usage I've got oom-kill that gets invoked because my RAM usage looks like that : total used...
  14. S

    Memory cgroup out of memory

    We have a Proxmox cluster with several nodes. All nodes identical: 64GB RAM, 48 Xeon threads, 1x960ssd, ext4 noatime, vm.swappiness=1. Lately, swap was disabled via 'swapoff -a' 4 identical containers running same parsing-task: 20cpu, 16GB, noatime, Ubuntu 20.10 downloaded via ProxMox GUI...


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