1. A

    APC Nut

    Hello, Does Proxmox come with Nut or some tool to manage auto shutdowns in the event of a power failure?
  2. Y

    Install NUT directly on Proxmox VE and control guests from here

    Hi, I followed the tutorial at (no connection to presenter). It was very detailed. My use case is a single Proxmox server connected to a single UPS running 3 VMs (2 Windows, 1 Ubuntu). Is it possible to install NUT directly on Proxmox and...
  3. N

    Proxmox as a NUT Server or Client?

    I'm running Proxmox 7.4/Kernel 6.2x on a Dell Optiplex 7070 and run a HAOS vm as well as a Win 11 VM, planning to set up containers and/or Docker eventually. I also have a Synology NAS on latest OS and a Win 10/11 PC. My APC SMT-1500 UPS has a USB port as well as a network card connected to...
  4. R

    Nut Eaton UPS "unable to enumerate USB device" after power comes back on

    Hi Everyone, I have an issue with my proxmox mini pc (beelink EQ12) server and usb-ups connection. I have installed and configured the NUT suit to manage my UPS EATON ECO 650, and it works. When the power goes out the shutdown routine starts, the proxmos server correctly turns off the VM and CT...
  5. R

    [SOLVED] NUT Client -> configuration SHUTDOWN Proxmox Host

    Hello Together. I hope you can help me? I meet the following requirements: - Synology DS918+ as NUT Server - Proxmox host as NUT Client - APC 1000 with USB connection to Synology DS918+ What works? - the connection between DS918+ and Proxmox host is established and works - sending emails...
  6. R

    [SOLVED] Proxmox Host als NUT Client -> Fragen

    Hallo liebe Community, ich bin noch neu bei Proxmox und Linux. Ich habe folgende Konstellation: DS918+ als NUT Server Proxmox Host als NUT Client Die Verbindung von Proxmox zur Synology DS918+ steht. Das automatisierte Herunterfahren des Proxmox Host werde ich heute Abend mal testen. Es...
  7. M

    NUT with UPS shutdown

    I have installed nut on proxmox and managed to define the UPS. NUT successfuly executed a FSD, but not sure how to actually turn off the UPS, so an automatic poweron after power has returned would be executed. What I don't fully understand: 1) Do I need to manually call upsdrvctl shutdown in...
  8. Dunuin

    NUT orchestrated shutdown experiences?

    Hi, Previously I was running my TrueNAS server + my PVE server + managed switch 24/7 of a UPS. I used NUT as a server on the TrueNAS server and NUT as a client on the PVE server. That way it was ensured that the NAS is the master and the PVE server the slave, so the PVE server got shutdown...
  9. M

    3 Node Proxmox HA Cluster (NUT Shutdown) / Shutdown Policy

    Hallo, ich betreibe mehrere 3 Node PVE HA Cluster (7.2-7) ohne Ceph (nur lokales ZFS mit Replication). Alle drei PVE Server sind an eine USV/UPS angeschlossen, welche bei niedrigem Batteriestand den Shutdown triggert. d.h. Alle drei Nodes werden (mehr oder weniger) Zeitversetzt...


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