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    Need help with Proxmox hotplug CPU issue

    Hey everyone, I'm having an issue with hotplugging CPUs in Proxmox. Here's what's happening: Set a limit of 6 vCPUs. Launched a Windows VM with 2 vCPUs. Enabled NUMA and hotplug options in the VM settings. When I try to increase the number of vCPUs using the edit option in the hardware...
  2. C

    NUMA questions again

    I've read the NUMA wiki here: and the admin guide regarding NUMA here: however I still have some questions. * Is NUMA only useful if your PVE *host* has more than 1 physical...
  3. R

    proxmox NUMA static configuration support

    I am struggling to fully understand everything about NUMA, however I feel like I've got a decent understanding of how proxmox is handling it, as I've run many configuration tests over the last few days trying to solve my performance issues. I have a AMD EPYC 7551p (zen 1 architecture, 7001...
  4. M

    AMD Ryzen 5 5600X - NUMA or not?

    Hi, Sorry for this dumb question, but I feel a bit confused. As far as I understood all Zen2 like CPU's are NUMA based, so in case of AMD Ryzen, Epyc, etc, they all have "numa support". When creating a new VM, Proxmox allows me to select up to 4 Sockets (which again indicates NUMA support)...
  5. B

    Unknown NUMA node; performance will be reduced

    Hello, This is happening in a VM installed from Ubuntu minimal server cloud image 22.04 LTS. pve-manager/7.2-11/b76d3178 (running kernel: 5.15.53-1-pve) 4 node Proxmox ceph cluster, with AMD...
  6. F

    Enabling Numa

    Hi, I was looking at the docs about enabling NUMA because I have dual Xeon E5-2650 v2 processors on a dell R720 server. I have searched everywhere to find a good guide to enable NUMA according to the number of nodes and sockets. Anyone has tried it and could help? Cheers,
  7. F

    Add a numa mask to passthrough Pci devices.

    Hi, Expert Would it possible to give a passthroughed PCI device a numa mark. As the following shows: After PCI devices passthrough, I got: But I would like to have a NUMA mask as metal machine: Since this go deep in Linux drive system, I don't know wheth is it possible? Could you please...
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    Correct configuration for VM Processors

    Hello, I have Proxmox VE 6.3-3 running on a Dell Server with an Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2680 v3 (2x 12 core). Hyperthreading is enabled, so a maximum of 48 cores are available. What is the correct configuration to allow a VM to use all 48 cores? I tried setting Sockets to 2 and Cores to 24...
  9. P

    NUMA and cores per sockets + memory size

    As far as I understand, when using multiprocessor boards based on Proxmox, you need to use NUMA in virtual machines. Are there any recommendations for enabling NUMA in virtual machines? Perhaps depending on a certain amount of RAM and the number of cores? In what types of machines is it better...
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    vm on only one numa node

    Hi guys, I want vm1 to run on cpu1, and vm2 to run on cpu0, due to a graphics card configuration (they are not reversible). the vms are used for gaming so it is important that the vms run on the correct node with the gpu. my question is, how do i do this? i tried setting numa0 but it says...
  11. B

    NUMA in Proxmox

    Hi everyone, I have a host with 2 sockets (8 pcores/each, 16 cores/each with HT) with Proxmox 5.4.13 installed. Each Processor has 32 GB of RAM memory. I have "NUMA" enabled in all VMs. When I run numastat, the results are not the expected ones. I get too many numa_miss events: root@pve1:~#...
  12. X

    PCIE passthrough, GPU on numa node 1

    High I've got a proxmox host up and running as my main machine at home. I also use it as my desktop by passing through a GPU to windows 10 pro. Is a dual socket xeon system and even though it has 2 16core CPU's, on my main desktop i passthrough 12 from each socket. My question is this? The gpu...
  13. H

    TASK ERROR: total memory for NUMA nodes must be equal to vm static memory

    VM conf bootdisk: scsi0 cores: 4 cpu: host hotplug: disk,network,usb,memory,cpu ide2: none,media=cdrom memory: 4096 name: debian numa: 1 numa0: cpus=0-3,hostnodes=0,policy=bind,memory=4096 onboot: 1 ostype: l26 scsi0: local:101/vm-101-disk-0.raw,size=25G scsihw: virtio-scsi-pci serial0: socket...
  14. M

    AMD EPYC - Has NUMA ?

    Hello, I`m very confused with NUMA, as I read from docs you have a NUMA capable host if you have multiple CPUs (sockets). However I have installed Proxmox 6.1 (latest) on a AMD EPYC 16 core CPU, and the command to check available numa returns: available: 4 nodes (0-3) node 0 cpus: 0 1 2 3 16...
  15. S

    NUMA questions

    Hi all, There is an option to select NUMA when you configure a VM's CPU. While I know the basic NUMA concepts, I don't really understand what this checkbox does. So, I have a few questions about it and an application that might benefit from enabling NUMA. Starting from the App, I have a VM that...
  16. R

    Is 12+36GB on a dual socket server clever or stupid regarding NUMA optimization?

    I'm not a virtualization newbie but still have to learn a lot about Proxmox/KVM/QEMU. So please bear with me. After searching all kinds of wikis, forums and mailing lists I still have difficulties to understand if the following advanced configuration doesn't work because it's nonsense or because...
  17. E

    Best Practice for NUMA?

    I have a few dual socket servers and want to know how best to configure VMs. Should VMs always have NUMA enabled and have CPU sockets set to the number of physical sockets? Some VMs only need a single socket and single core, these should have NUMA enabled too? Some VMs only need two cores, is...


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