1. M

    Notifications - add

    It would be good to have as notification service available as well. is similar to Gotify which is already implemented in Proxmox. If you are going to add it, then please also add options to allow a basic authentication, since itself has no user/password authentication...
  2. L

    Proxmox Status Report - didn't work.

    Hello. I have a newly installed server PMG (Mail Gateway 8.0.3). And I want to receive every day the report "Proxmox Status Report", but it didn't work. I do receive all "Proxmox Notification:" like "Virus Alert" and more, but not daily report. I checked the configuration file, and the option...
  3. T

    Replace multiple items in email notification header

    Hi everyone, I have successfully set up email notifications for my proxmox servers and I have also replaced the from-address successfully via /^From:.*/ REPLACE From: Proxmox <> in the file smtp_header_checks. Now I am trying to als replace the subject, but have not been...
  4. W

    Do I configure Email Notifications on PBS the same way I do on PVE?

    I realize that my node-cluster will now email me when backups are done, but I'd also like to PBS to be able to send me emails as well, such as if the ZFS pool on PBS is struggling or something. So can I go about installing sasl and mailutils on PBS? Or is there another route? Or is this not...
  5. R

    Email Notifications

    I'm sorry if this is posted somewhere else, maybe my searching skills need polished. PVE 7.2-11 What email notifications are supposed to be sent out? The only notifications that I receive are when backups run. Are there other notifications and if so how do I configure them? I do successfully...
  6. J

    Stopped receiving emails from successful backups or any communication altogether such as cron jobs.

    I'm wondering if any body else is having issues. I have stopped receiving notifications from PVE. Either through Outlook or Gmail accounts. Could this have to do with their emails becoming more secure? Or perhaps this is an internal issue? I would appreciate help. I think the latest email I...
  7. L

    [SOLVED] How to enable email notification

    Hello guys! I have manually deployed Proxmox (Installing Debian+Proxmox) and set postfix 'Local only'. At the moment I would like to receive e-mail notifications about backups. How could I setup this? Or I need to do that on PBS?
  8. X

    Extend email notification with AppRise support

    Hi all, Currently I am running a few Proxmox VE and Proxmox Backup Servers configured with email notifications. However, this setup doesn't work really well with Outlook. Almost every email from my Proxmox servers end in the junk mail folder even after marking a few emails from these machines...
  9. B

    Noob on PostFix : how to get email notifications ?

    Hello to all, I have 2 proxmox servers and I would like to enable email notification on these 2 servers. My network is very simple and I have a working stmp server. I have activated in /etc/postfix/ the relayhost to But if I do echo "mail test" | mail -s "proxmox"...
  10. M

    No email notification for zfs status degraded

    Hello, I installed zfs-zed via # apt-get install zfs-zed and edited /etc/zfs/zed.d/zed.rc to uncomment ZED_EMAIL_ADDR="root" as described here: zpool status is degraded, but I do not get an E-Mail. Other notifications from...
  11. S

    disabling crontab mail notifications

    Hi everyone, about a month ago I wrote 2 crontab entries to run every 30 seconds (used to upload some data). Everything worked fine, until yesterday I opened my spam mail folder and found more than 86,400 mails (XD). every time the cron service runs an email regarding the job is sent, and this...
  12. W

    Suggestion - Possibility to provide SMTP credentials during installation or in the WebUI

    Hi everyone, Longtime PVE user here! I have used Proxmox since mid 2013 for private use, and just recently deployed a couple of Enterprise ones at various companies. I realized that it would be very neat if I during installation or in the WebUI could provide SMTP credentials (SMTP-host...
  13. K

    Email Notifications

    Is there a list of email notifications Proxmox sends out? Are they sent periodically or only sent when something is wrong? I've confirmed I can send email from the commandline and received it on the destination address.
  14. M

    Support for Gotify

    Hellu It would be great to have support for Gotify, so we can have push notifications for updates and/or backups instead of only emails. You only have to execute a `curl` command to push a message.
  15. T

    [TUTORIAL] Script for Proxmox Email notifications configuration

    Hello everybody! EDIT: This tool is now included "Proxmox Toolbox" - Edited this post in order to update path and links. As beginner, i had some difficulties getting Proxmox e-mail settings configuration up and running. I recently wrote a little script to get the configuration done with ease...
  16. R

    [SOLVED] ZFS scrub_start event for rpool?

    Hi, I've configured mail notifications via ZFS Event Daemon / ZED and mail notifications for "ZFS scrub_finish event for rpool ..." work just fine. I would like to receive mails when ZFS starts scrubbing as well. How can I set this? Thank you for Proxmox!
  17. magicfab

    How/where are email notifications configured?

    I'd like to troubleshoot email setup for a new install and can't seem to find any mention of such configuration in the documentation. How is this configured, cinluding changing the origin of email (FROM)?
  18. M

    Email Notifications for events

    I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to send email notifications for hosts or VM during actions such as migrations, reboots etc. I have email working but I seem to only get emails when a scheduled backup runs. Most of the information I'm finding is just how to setup postfix but not the...


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